Tunsy: Tinder for fashion is here! 

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 5.00.26 PM

We are so excited about Tunsy, a new app that has taken the fashion industry by storm, here at Lady Code! Swipe left for items you don’t like and swipe right for items you like, which will be automatically added to a wish list. Sound familiar? Through Tunsy, you can discover thousands of items across retailers and purchase them all in one place. But more importantly, over time, the machine learning algorithm will ensure that the items that you are seeing are personalized to your taste. SCORE!

Here are the top three reasons we love Tunsy:
It is easy to use. The concept is simple, swipe left for items you don’t like and right for items you do like. This is easy for the user to decipher as they have likely already been attuned to this concept on Tinder, seeming Tunsy and Tinder are both targeting a similar audience that is younger and technologically inclined. 
It is a seamless experience. Once a user has “liked” an item, it shows up on their wish list, where they can purchase it directly in the app. It minimizes the work for the user as they don’t have to leave the app and go and hunt the item down. Through Tunsy, they can discover items, purchase it and have it delivered to them in a few clicks. Tunsy is a centralized location where users can discover thousands of items across brands and retailers.
Customization. Through Tunsy’s machine learning tool, the app is personalized to each user over time so that they can discover items that they like and purchase it instantly. Until today, there hasn’t been an app that is customized to the user’s wants and needs to provide a unique shopping experience. 
To learn more about the app, watch this launch video.
What are you waiting for? The app available for download on the iTunes app store. Happy shopping!
Lady Code xo

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