Eyelash Extensions Review: Are They Worth It?

Many of you know that I’ve been wearing permanent eyelash extensions for the past five months! I’ve been getting so many compliments on my super-long, natural looking lashes. I loved being able to wake up in the morning feeling flawless, and even leave the house with no makeup on because my lashes made me look “naturally” beautiful. The lashes cut my makeup time in half because I didn’t have to worry about putting on mascara, lashes, and sometimes, even eyeliner.

When they are done properly, they almost always feel like you have nothing on your lashes. They’re super light, and they don’t irritate your eyes–trust me, I wear contacts daily and I had no problem at all with them, ever. The eyelash extensions last about 2-3 weeks, depending on how well you care for them. I noticed that thoroughly cleaning your lashes before going to get them applied makes a huge difference in making them last longer.

Some drawbacks about having eyelash extensions is that you can’t wear mascara or liquid eyeliner. I admit, I’ve cheated and used both for special occasions. I haven’t noticed liquid eyeliner doing anything to my lashes, but when you remove mascara from your extensions, you notice a lot of lashes falling off with the mascara (yikes), and it continues to shed for a few days. Sometimes though, you just need that extra oomph.

I’ve also applied fake eyelashes to both my top and bottoms lashes while wearing eyelash extensions. If you are careful and apply the lashes to your eyelid and make sure no glue gets on your lashes, I think it is completely fine.

The main concern most people have with extensions (and this was my concern too), is that people are saying that this will make your eyelashes fall out or damage your lashes permanently.

This scared me so much that yesterday, I went and got my lashes removed, just to make sure my lashes were still there.

Guess what. my lashes were still in place and exactly in the condition they were before I got my extensions applied. This is after 5 months of wearing then consecutively! As soon as I looked in the mirror after getting my lashes removed, my heart sank because my “I woke up like this” pretty look was gone. Let me emphasize that my lashes were not damaged or thinner at all, but the change in the way I saw myself from getting the lashes off was so dramatic. I woke up this morning seriously regretting getting my lashes removed and I just called to make my appointment to get my lashes back in 2 weeks (yes, the girl that does my lashes is literally booked for two weeks).

Until then, I’ll be wearing falsies and pounding on the mascara. If you’re on the line about lash extensions, here are my pros and cons to help you make a decision. Remember, the application is everything and if it is done improperly, you CAN lose or damage your eyes and lashes so please do you research before you go!


  • You look and feel flawless 24/7
  • You save time on makeup application time
  • You save money on lashes and mascara
  • They look 100% natural


  • They can be expensive and time consuming to apply
  • If you have very long extensions, its hard to apply eye makeup at first


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When I had the extensions on, I missed putting on mascara. Yesterday after getting my extensions taken off, I put on my favorite mascara, RollerLash, and it was crap. Its a great mascara but its not the same effect as lash extensions and I’ve seriously been asking myself why I even took them off in the first place. I guess it’s nice to have a break and let your lashes “breathe”?

If you are wondering, I go to Ellie’s Beauty Touch for my lash extensions. She is always booked up so if you go, make sure you book waaaay in advance, and let her know Lisa sent you!

Let me know if you have any questions about eyelash extenstions in the comments section below! I respond to every comment 🙂

8 thoughts on “Eyelash Extensions Review: Are They Worth It?

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I have had many clients that fear of losing their natural lashes as well. I have told them it is in both of our best interests to keep the lashes healthy. So long as they don’t pull or tug on them, and they are applied correctly, as you said, they are totally safe. I also think some people think their lashes are shorter/damaged when the extensions are removed because they forget what their natural lashes look like. Thank you for this post!


  2. Hey Girl!

    What a good post. I’m in the middle of trying to decide whether or not to get them. I’ve always had nice lashes, but they’re blonde so without mascara it looks like I don’t have any. It would be nice to always feel pretty 24/7. Are you still getting the extensions done? Do you still think your lashes are in good shape. That’s the only thing holding me back. Scared of ruining what I already have.


    1. Hey there! I’m so sorry for the super late response. I had them for about 6 months and I loved having them. I got them done by a very experienced professional in Miami, so I had NO damage to my lashes. I got 14’s (the longest ones she offers) so they did irritate me sometimes. If you get a shorter length they shouldn’t be so bad. I noticed MILD damage to my lashes when I got them removed, but it was only noticeable to me and my lashes were back to normal within a month. I loved having them because you never had to worry about mascara! The reason why I got mine removed is because you’re supposed to take a break very 6 months, and I moved to New York 😦 I don’t trust anyone to apply or refill my lashes here but I would definitely get them again when I move back to Miami. I hope this helped!


  3. Lash extensions are the definition of instant gratification. It can take weeks to see results from your best lash-growing efforts, vitamins or eyelash serum, but with eyelash extensions you get longer, thicker lashes within hours. All while you were laying there in a spa with your eyes shut. That’s what I call heaven.


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