Cover Girls: Let’s make sure our women & children are covered

Just a few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Lian Marcos, the Community Development Associate at the Miami Rescue Mission Outreach Center. Through her I was introduced to the Miami Rescue Mission and the wonderful cause they work on: preventing homelessness. The center has been a haven for homeless women and children by providing emergency overnight shelter, as well as a long term recovery program since 1989. I had many wonderful opportunities to participate in, however today’s event truly touched my heart.

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The Cover Girls 

The Cover Girls work towards raising funds and awareness to cover women and children coming out of domestic violence and homelessness. 

The Cover Girls help by giving their Time, Talent, Treasure. 

The program helps by mentoring women, raising funds, and building awareness to help women overcome the situation they are in.

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ladycode - ladycodeblog- miami rescue mission - community service - shelter in miami - lian marcos - stefania sita

Women suffer from domestic violence and homelessness every day in our community.

Did you know? 

– 1 out of women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime

-an estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year

– 54% of the domestic violence related cases in Florida last year ended in an arrest

– there were 164 domestic violence related homicides in Florida last year

The statistics above are very frightening.  Some of the stories heard today were sad but many of these women demonstrated bravery by putting an end to that situation and seeking a better future. When it comes to homelessness there are many reasons for one to end up on the streets. Some of these women had college degrees, businesses, etc. but due to abuse they were left with no choice but to escape. Some left with their children, others were alone.

A former resident shared:

I was in a very abusive situation and was constantly afraid for both me and my children. Coming to Miami Rescue Mission truly saved our lives.

It is incredible to see how the little that we do can go a long way and the significant impact it has on these women as well as their children.

By raising awareness and giving a little of our time we can change the negative outcome of these women’s lives and in turn this can truly touch our heart and help our souls blossom.



One thought on “Cover Girls: Let’s make sure our women & children are covered

  1. Such an INCREDIBLE action! No one deserves to be treated like this, I wish more victims of domestic violence could speak up. I’m glad you did an article about this Stefania, because this is a very touching and important issue.


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