Skinny Me Tea: Does It Work?

Hi Lady Code!

Teatoxing has taken over our worlds lately, and of course we had to give it a try here at Lady Code. I chose to review Skinny Me Tea because they claim to be the first and original teatox brand. The two products I am reviewing are the Colon Cleanse (14-day) and Loose Leaf 14 day detox.

I am only a week into my teatox right now but I am seeing amazing results. To compliment my cleanse, I am running two miles 4-5 times a week, juice every other morning, and I am maintaining a clean, organic, healthy diet. All of these factors combined have assisted with my recent weight loss.

Remember, it has only been a week since I started this and I am noticeably thinner and more toned.


Let’s talk about Skinny Me Tea:


Shipping time:

Since its shipped form Australia, it took about two weeks to arrive.


It tastes like a mix between chamomile and green tea. The taste is very subtle and not very distinct, but it definitely has calming and relaxing properties. I love to snuggle up with my Skinny Me Tea and Netflix 🙂


For the 14 day Loose Leaf cleanse, you need to use a press or get empty tea bags to steep the tea, since it is a loose leaf blend. I enjoy a cup of this every morning with breakfast, and sometimes I’ll have it again in the afternoon.

For the 14 day Colon Cleanse, use once every two days. This one comes with tea bags so you can just drop it in boiling water and enjoy.


The 14 day Colon Cleanse does exactly what it says. You will be using the bathroom…a lot. The more you go, the more junk you had and are getting rid of. After using both teas for only a week, I am thinner, I feel more refreshed, and I feel clean from the inside out.

Would I recommend it to a friend? Absolutely. In fact, a friend and I are doing this cleanse together and we love it. Remember to combine your teatox with a healthy lifestyle. Just because you are doing a cleanse doesn’t mean it’s okay to eat unhealthy foods!


If you are not looking to do a cleanse but want to take part in the teatox trend, try one of the many other tea products offered by Skinny Me Tea such as Complexion Me or Healthy Me tea!


Happy Teatoxing!






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