True/False Hair Facts

Expert colorist and stylist Sarah Schossow shares with us some common misconceptions we have believed when it comes to our hair!


Ever wonder what is true and false when it comes to your hair? Here are a few common questions I get addressed to me from numerous people. Take notes!


The Myth: You should wash your hair everyday


Washing your hair daily will remove hair’s natural oils and proteins, drying it out, as result you will end up using more products, best to wash twice a week.


The Myth: Stress can turn your hair grey


“Going grey may involve many factors – including the genes we inherit. The theory that stress is a cause has yet to be proved,” sayresearchers from New York University School of Medicine and Baylor College of Medicine whom published a study.


The Myth: If you pluck a grey hair, more will grow


Plucking will potentially lead to the hair never growing again, same thing happens to your brows if over plucked.


The Myth: A beer wash can strengthen your hair


Some believe yeast and protein from malt and hops can help strengthen hair if you use it as a topical rinse, however, the alcohol will dry hair more than the proteins repairing it.


The Myth: Wearing ponytails will pull and make your hair fall out


Ponytails will pull on the hair leading to tension and as result will break off. If the tension continues, permanent hair loss can develop.


The Myth: You can close your hair cuticles and make the hair shiny with cold water.


The degree to which cuticles are open or closed is not a function of temperature. Water itself can actually cause follicles to lift a bit (which leads to dull-looking hair) and things like relaxers and perms cause them to lift a lot. Physical and chemical damage can also cause follicles to lift. Conditioners can help with smoothing in this case, but cold water? Nope.


The Myth: You should brush your hair to make it grow better


Brushing your hair so many times each day can cause split ends.


The Myth: You can’t dye your hair when you’re pregnant


The period of organogenesis (the initial formation of all the baby’s organs) is generally completed by about 10 weeks gestation, which is why some people suggest waiting until outside of the first trimester if you want to use dyes or other chemicals. There is very little that gets absorbed into the maternal blood stream.


The Myth: Does Keratin damage your hair


Keratin treatments won’t make your hair break, but the flat-ironing might. The hair breakage has nothing to do with the treatments and everything to do with the flat irons that are used to dry and seal the hair afterward. Some stylists may use a flat iron that is way too hot and scorches hair, making it break off; Keratin is more of a restorative treatment. Even if you have a good hair type, it still strengthens the hair shaft and makes your hair more resilient.


The Myth: Does apple vinegar work for hair loss?


The science of hair loss is still largely misunderstood. Some scientists believe that an excess buildup of a hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) that both men and women have may be a factor that can cause hair loss.

It is thought that the hormone DHT can build up around hair root follicles and cause the follicle to die off.  DHT surrounds follicles like a wax clogging and choking them off which leads to hair loss and thinning.

This Vinegar Nutritive Rinse Cleanser gently and safely rejuvenates your scalp and hair. It will leave your hair beautiful while purifying and removing all residues, dirt, debris and other build up that might be clogging or choking off your hair follicles.


I hope I cleared the air for some!

If you would like to hear more hair expertise from Sarah, you can follow her on instagram @beautybysarahe  or on her website


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  1. Hi, Great blog, just letting you know we nominated you for the Liebster Award.
    You can find the rules and my questions on my blog!
    Can’t wait to read your answers!
    Much Love
    Emily and Hollie


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