The secret to great makeup

Hello Everyone!

Today I would like to introduce Emilce Montiel: esthetician paramedic and expert makeup-artist.


(Emilce Montiel with a New York model)


(Emilce Montiel with Raquel Madeiros)

We are delighted to hear her advice, secrets, and recommendations towards having your make-up look perfect.

“When you start doing your make up, you first want to hydrate your face. It is recommended that you use a Serum + Moisturizer, SPF 30 or 50, and only then apply your foundation.”

Emilce says it is not necessary or recommended to use every day primer and mineral powder. These products should only be used on a special occasion: event, dinner, date, happy hour, etc.

“Mineral powder or compact powder usually clogs the pores, however it reduces shine which you makes you look great. As it clogs the pores, your skin suffocates which is why break-outs appear.  The best way to use this product is for as little time as possible. “


“The serum molecule is very tine, and it penetrated deeply into the skin. The moisturizer molecule is a little bigger and it does not penetrate as deep as the serum. Together they work great and keep the moisture in your skin longer.” 

Did you know about the importance of using sun block?

“The sunblock molecule is very big and does not penetrate the skin deeply as well as protect.  SPF 30 means you have to apply every 3 hours,  SPF 50 means you have to apply every 5 hours and so on. After you have applied the serum, moisturizer, spf, only then you can apply your foundation. 

The foundation protects you from the pollution, external environmental factors, and hot and cold weather (skin does not feel this directly). “

Emilce says that at night it is a MUST to remove your makeup and clean your skin. By using a make-up removal towel, you can observe when you take off the foundation all of the pollution and dirt that stayed at the surface and did not go into your skin.

Prior to going to sleep it is recommended to apply the serum and moisturizer on your clean face. As your body is at rest all of the cells rebuild themselves, therefore the moisture is essential towards regeneration.

If you have any direct question or inquires for Emilce,  you can contact her at: or find her on facebook at Emilce Make-Up.



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