Water: its secrets and beauty benefits

When it comes to beauty, we all desire to look young, fresh, and rejuvenated. In order to maintain our physical beauty we go above and beyond buying different creams and make-up products, as well as we visit the esthetician regularly. But wait!!!! Sometimes there is an important step which we forget or even neglect: what our body has on the inside, usually is externalized and shows on the outside. This means that our diet, water intake, and sleep matter tremendously towards keeping our young, beautiful looks. In many instances we forget that the most important thing for our body is water.  If your skin is hydrated then it looks young and fresh. Doctors usually recommend that the daily water intake should be 8 glasses, however this varies depending on weight, age, and body structure. Water stimulates blood flow, eliminates toxins, and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

water hydration and beauty

When it comes to your skin, water alone is the key towards maintaining a young healthy glow. Due to its tonic purifying qualities water is known to help eliminate and prevent the appearance of acne. Hydration goes deeper into the skin, it does not just stop at the epidermis.  Water regulates your lymphatic system which in turn helps you get rid of the black circles and puffiness under your eyes.

Did you know that water can also be used for different cosmetic treatments? Sparkling water is known to be used by many estheticians as a great makeup remover or just to wash your face with. Its ingredients are known to rejuvenate and provide vitality for the skin. It is also recommended that you keep your face hydrated at all times. If you can reduce the amount of chemicals you could opt for another route and use the Evian Mineral Water Spray, which will keep your skin hydrated, yet not greasy and over done with products.

skin treatments with water

Water is also great for diets. Water fastens the metabolic process, helps eliminate toxins, as well as reduces and eliminates body fat. Water is great when trying to lose weight as you can have the feeling of being full by drinking water however gaining 0 calories. When on a diet, it is recommended that along with alimentation that you exercise frequently. Water is the only drink recommended to rehydrate and reenergize  the cells after a work out. Sparkling water is the most recommended after an intense workout as it quickly helps regain the lost minerals during the work out. However, it is recommended that you drink sparkling water only an hour after your workout so that you give your body the chance to rest and be able to assimilate the minerals. Never drink too much water too fast (a bottle at once) this can lead to heart problems as your organism will have to make an effort to assimilate all the intake. It is also not recommended that you wait until you feel thirsty to drink water, you should keep hydrated throughout the day.

What is in our water?

what is in our water

In many cases we don’t know the exact source of our water and its consistency even if it is bottled. Sometimes it is labeled that it comes from a pure source, or “spring water” however with the increasing pollution and other environmental factors, sometimes we become doubtful. The pollution is actually one of the factors why it is not recommended to drink tap water as it can be contaminated, however there are also other factors. Filtered water is one of the best ways to go.

Nitrates are chemical substances which appear once the mineralization of the organic nitrogenous substances that come from plants and animals. Part of these nitrates are absorbed by plant’s roots and help with protein synthesis. The ones left over contaminate the groundwater as they are found in lakes, rivers, ponds. Once ingested through water or other aliments nitrates become nitrites (substances much more toxic). This is why it is very important that the water we drink to contain the least amount of nitrates as possible.

If choosing to drink bottled water make sure you choose from a safe brand and read the labels. Some brands are: Evian, Fiji, Aqua Panna.

Try to change the amount of water intake in your body. Little by little once this becomes routine, you will notice a difference and your body will thank you for it. You will feel overall more energized, your skin will be hydrated which means it will look, young, radiant, and beautiful!

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