The ‘String Bikini’ of Today

Not even three years ago, a “String Bikini” defined a simple, string bikini with ties at the top and bottom. Designers all over the world are taking the word ‘string’ to a whole new level. The bikinis of today feature tons of thin strings, designed in an artistic way to create unique bikini designs!

Tan lines are something that designers are ignoring, and you should too. Most designs have an easy alternative to tuck the strings in a way that the tan line won’t disrupt your beach glow.


Are tan lines really a problem? As a bikini designer and aficionado, I can say that no, they aren’t. After spending about 300 days out of the year in a bikini and at the beach, I have a few tips for you to keep the tan lines at bay:

1. Get your base tan in a bandeau. The beginning of your tan when you really need to be careful with the tan lines, so start with a bandeau. Make sure you are using SPF 30 or higher. Not only is it safe, but wearing SPF well help you develop a lasting tan.

2. Wear a different bikini. All. The. Time. When I vacation, I change bikinis every time I go back to my hotel room. I end up wearing each bikini for about two hours at a time, which is not enough time for a serious tan line to form. My bikini habits may be a bit excessive though, and I’m sure wearing a different bikini every day will also help keep awful tan lines from forming.

3. Untie, tuck, move. When you are laying out, untie and tuck what you can to minimize those tan lines and when you are up and about, make sure you move the strings up and down or side to side to make sure that the strings don’t tan your skin in one place.


Now that you know how to prevent the hideous tan lines, check out these looks from Vizcaya Swimwear that are subtle enough for every girl, and edgy enough to make a statement!

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Vizcaya Swimwear bikini swimsuit monaco top swimwear

Vizcaya Swiwear Jessica Weise

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 5.49.41 PM

Vizcaya SWimwear Corona bottoms

Vizcaya Swimwear Cage Neck Bikini

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 5.54.24 PM

Lisa Opie Vizcaya SWimwear



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