Remember to be happy! Life is short

I am sure we all have been in that situation, where unfortunate life events happen, without explanation or solution. There are those times when you feel like your whole world is turning upside down and one bad thing happens after another. These events could be unexpected deaths, divorce, problems at work, or a break-up.

When found in this situation, there are mainly two reactions from people. Some decide to stick it out and put all of their ambition towards overcoming the situation because they do not want to give up. Then, there are those that will not accept that situation they are found in and make a change.

For those that try to tough it out, the outcome may not always be positive, as ultimately they will end up realizing that they have invested their time,  energy, and effort, into a situation that will never improve or work out. This ultimately can affect one’e health, well being and even potential to be happy in the long run.

As for those who decide to let go and make a change, there is always the fear of the unknown. That is when all the “what if’s” arise. “What if I tried to make it work?”, “What if I waited for him/her?”, etc. No one knows what the future hols, however one thing that is certain, is that life is short. We have one life to live and unfortunately time is our biggest enemy.  Ever heard the Latin proverb Tempus neminem manet – (Time awaits for no one)?  Well it is very true. Which is why, you should act now and let go of some things.

Here is a list of things you should ask yourself. If you answer yes to the majority of them, then that is your sign that it is time to move on, in order to find happiness.

  • If you believe in a better life for yourself
  • If you are holding onto something meant to be let go
  • If you lose who you are and stop dreaming
  • If you have lost your passion
  • If you cry more than you laugh
  • If your thoughts go to memories from the past rather than living in the present
  • If you are in a situation that causes more pain than joy
  • If you are pleading for the situation to change
  • If you stop having fun
  • If you force yourself to smile to hide the pain
  • If you feel alone and unheard
  • If you become complacent and resentful
  • If the situation is holding you back from what you want to become
  • If your core values have changed and you sacrifice who you are
  • If you fear things will never get better and this is the best it will be
  • If you hold on out of fear of the unknown and future
  • If the thought of being free feels expensive
  • If you feel exhausted emotionally, physically
  • If you stay hoping for things to get better
  • If you feel like this pattern of unhappiness persists even if you try to change everything

It is not worth holding on to the past. If something is meant to be, fate will arrange for it to work out! Never be afraid to fight towards finding your happiness.



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