What’s Inside My Make Up Bag?

Dear Lady Code,

Since you guys loved my ‘What’s inside my purse’ piece so much, I decided that this week I will take you into my make up bag to share with you some of my make up essentials!


1. Bronzer – I cannot stress enough how important contouring your face is. With the right technique, you can change your whole look entirely by using bronzers and highlighters to enhance your best features. My favorite? Definitely MAC bronzers. They are long lasting and come in just about any shade to match your skin tone.

2. Compact powder – What would we do without compact powder? This is my secret to smooth and flawless skin. I prefer using make up that is as natural and eco-friendly as possible as I want to avoid putting too much chemicals on my skin. Thus, this Skin Food carrot pact is perfect for me. The fine powder is the perfect finish for beautiful skin.

3. Eye Shadow – Again, when it comes to eye shadow, there is none better than MAC. The colors range from neutral to vibrant to dark but you can rest assured that your eye shadow will not smudge or loose its intensity after a long day. MAC all the way.

4. Highlighter – This Dior highlighter is amazing when paired with the bronzer (as mentioned earlier!) in enhancing your features. A simple brush of highlighter can do wonders to your look as it provides a healthy glow that makes you look radiant.

5. Lipstick – Personally, I feel naked without lipstick. As the saying goes, ‘For every bad hair day, there is always lipstick.’ Thus, invest in a good quality lipstick in your favorite color. What’s mine you ask? Red of course. In this picture: The classic Chanel allure velvet.

6. Nail polish – It is important to keep your nails neat and tidy because trust me people do notice them. Never EVER go to a job interview with chipped nail polish because it says a lot about your character. For long lasting color, I use Chanel nail polish so that I do not have to paint my nails as often. In this picture: Chanel limited edition shade ‘Cosmic’

7. Perfume – It is the right of passage for a woman to find her signature scent. It is important that you find a perfume that complements your personality. If you are flirty, choose a floral scent. If you are mysterious, choose a musky scent. Don’t be afraid to try out different perfumes until you find one that you are most comfortable with. And believe me, you will know it when you find your signature scent. What’s mine you ask? Gucci Flora.

8. Mascara – If there is one thing you should never leave the house without, it is mascara. A simple stroke of mascara is all you need to direct attention to your eyes. They will appear wider and larger which will be very useful when you spot that cute guy from across the room and find the need to bat your eye lashes 😉 In this picture: Maybelline falsies flared mascara

9. Concealer – The single most important item in your make up bag. Always have concealer at hand in case of an emergency when that oh-so-inconvenient zit pops up on a big day! In this picture: The Face Shop 2-in-1 concealer (stick and liquid)

10. Eye brow pencil – This is a tricky one. You have to find a shape that works with your face. I prefer a slightly curved but natural shape for my eye brows. I have always had a hard time making my eye brows look balanced but let me tell you this Anastasia is easiest eye brow pencil to use ever. Try it for yourself!

11. Eye liner – The all so important step in making your eyes pop. If you have seen me around lately, you would have noticed that I am guilty of wearing the cat eye winged tip every day. But hey if you find what works for you, you should definitely stick with it, right? In this picture: Skin food marker eye liner

I hope that you enjoyed reading about what is in my make up bag. Have make up you would like to recommend as well? Shoot me a tweet @EmilynTeh or leave a comment below!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Emilyn xx

Twitter: @EmilynTeh

Instagram: @EmilynTeh

4 thoughts on “What’s Inside My Make Up Bag?

  1. love this post! I did a review on Taylor Swift perfume called wonderstruck and just did post on ‘comparing yourself with others’ it would ean alot if you could check it out and maybe follow me! You have a really lovely blog! xxx Hatice


  2. Thanks @alifemoment! I am glad you love the post, you should definitely try it out 🙂

    @haticedogan Thank you as well! I will definitely check out your blog 🙂


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