10 ways to regain your silhouette after the holidays

Now that the holidays are over and after splurging on the delicious meals and fattening foods, our main worry is our silhouette and how to shed off as fast as possible the weight gained.

There are multiple ways to effectively regain your shape, however for the fastest results here are some tips that we recommend. All of these things combined will help you achieve the results you want

  • Drink a lot of water – it helps metabolism burn calories faster, prevents fat from depositing as well as inhibits hunger
  • Eat vegetables such as: beans, lentils, peas – they are high in fiber and help prevent fat from accumulating in your body
  • Give up sugar from your diet- this will help tremendously
  • Eat almonds and nuts – they are high in calories however the body processes them differently. Substitute unhealthy snacks with these to avoid fat from accumulating
  • Do Cardio – Cardio work-outs are the most recommended towards burning fat and losing weight
  • Avoid alcohol – alcoholic beverages have been associated with an increase in fat especially towards your abdomen
  • Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep – that way your body can have time to assimilate foods and process them accordingly
  • Relax – stress and anxiety raise insulin levels and cause cravings for sweets or greasy foods
  • Squeem – body shaping corset that reduces the waistline, improves posture, and provides back support. Its fabric technology consists of a material made of an unique mix of triple-filtered cotton and natural rubber fused into a thin, single-layer, compressive fabric designed to offer shaping results and to help you lose weight to improve metabolism. (for more information http://www.squeem.com)


  • It Works Wraps – you can use them to wrap your abdomen as well as your legs. The results last about six months or even longer with healthy eating and exercise


(If you are interested in purchasing the It Works Wraps you can send us an email at brickellsisters@gmail.com and we can provide you with more information) 


Hope these tips will work for you and help achieve the results you want


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