Have you tried that crazy wrap thing?

Everyone is talking about it. From wrap parties, booths at events, to your friends trying it: It Works wraps. After many of my pageant sisters and sorority sisters raved about this product, I had to try it for myself. For only $25 per application, I was skeptical about the results. Firmer, tighter, skin in 45 minutes? That’s something that is too good to be true!

I met up with Nazia Malik, a distributor in the Miami area at the Holiday Wraps and Makeover party. She told me all about how it works and I decided to try it!

Click here to watch our video interview.

it works wraps nazia

I got the back of my legs wrapped, as well as my abdomen. You can only get wrapped in one area every three days, so I got my legs done first.

I noticed that I lost all traces of cellulite on the back of my legs, and that my butt looked more lifted. Although everyone gets different results, you can maximize your results by drinking plenty of water while you are getting wrapped.

Three days later, my friend Tanya and I decided to get our abdomen area wrapped.

it works wraps
Tanya’s results
My results!
My results!

According to Nazia, results last up to six months, and possibly even longer with healthy eating and exercise. After you get wrapped, you notice that it keeps working for 3 days even after you take it off. Your final result is after 72 hours.

I am a huge fan of the It Works wrap system, and I plan on using it again in future, but remember, it is important to always eat healthy and exercise to maintain your results!

Remember, what works for me may not work for you! Consult with your It Works! distributor to learn more, or get in touch with Nazia:




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