My favorite accessory

     Let me start off this blog by saying how excited I am to be a contributor and writer to Lady Code.  Truly, I love everything that it stands for. I believe with all my heart that we, as women, can make a difference in society…but we can only do it if we work together. Women empowerment encompasses so much, especially when it comes to empowering each other through every facet of life.
Lady Code
     I love the fact that I can share things that I am interested in and even answer questions that others may have for me. What better than a place to talk about everything women love: fashion, make-up, careers, beauty, and even home-life.
     So, I decided to start this blog off with something that I truly feel is every women’s best accessory. Now, I love accessories! It’s amazing how anything you wear can be changed by simply adding accessories. From casual outfits to party dresses, accessories not only change a wardrobe, but can completely change a mood. I often get asked what is my favorite accessory….Is it a special pair of earrings? A necklace? Bracelets? Well, my answer is simple. Confidence!
     Have you ever seen someone in sweat pants, hair in a pony tail, and a simple t-shirt and thought to yourself, “WOW! I wish I looked as good as she does!” Well, the truth is, you do! It’s not a special pair of sweatpants she has on. In fact, no matter how much you spend on a pair of sweats, they are still going to be fairly un-flattering. So what is it that makes her look so amazing in them. It’s simple. She is so comfortable with herself that her confidence is oozing out, no matter what she has on.
     Ok, I know what you are thinking right now. You would never look as good because you may have some extra weight, or maybe your hair isn’t long enough, and yes, I know the list goes on… Trust me, I know that we are all our own worst enemies. And I openly admit that I am the first to find my flaws. And yes, I have many! The secret to confidence though is two-fold. One: Accept that you and everyone else in this world is flawed. And two: Accept that you and everyone else is flawed. Yes…I did repeat that 🙂
     Accept your flaws. You are probably the only one that sees it anyways. What you may think is flawed, someone else may think is beautiful. Stop comparing yourself to every magazine cover and model you see on TV…make-up can do wonders (Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to share some tips in the up-coming weeks). And walk around like you are the most beautiful person in the world because you truly are the most beautiful person in the world and the only version of you there is. And if you whole-heartedly believe that, everyone around you will believe it too and you will exude an amazing amount of confidence in everything you do.
     So yes, confidence is my favorite accessory and it should be yours too. And it’s never too late to start wearing it. Next time you look in the mirror do what I do. Realize that your flaws are beautiful. Accept it. And embrace it. Trust me, no one else is going to notice it. And from this day forward,  no matter where you go, what you wear, and what you do…never leave home without your best accessory.

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