Facing Adversity: Bullying

Remember that the most difficult times and obstacles are the times where you grow and develop the most. Everyone has experienced hardship, and although it is a painful experience, optimism is what will get you through. Today, a close friend told me that “most champions are made from adversity.” This inspired today’s post.

Rather than dwelling on your misery, take a moment to look at the big picture and discover how this obstacle will help you grow.

If you are being bullied:

  • Ignore them. This is an opportunity to develop thick skin. Bullies may never go away, but you can continue become a stronger person.
  • React positively. Do not turn to drugs, self harm, or eating disorders to overcome the pain. These habits will make an easier target for bullying. Instead, focus on yourself. Write down your goal of where you see yourself in 3 years. Then, write down a plan of how you will accomplish that goal.
  • Kill your bullies with kindness. If you have to react, react in the nicest way. Maybe they will keep taunting you but you will not be as sad, knowing that you are not stooping down to their level.
  • Find help. Along with Lady Code, there are many resources to help you through this difficult time. People are here for you. Lady Code is always here to listen to your struggles and support you.

After years of bullying and reacting negatively to it, goal-setting was the most effective way of overcoming this hardship. My high school advisor told me that I would never graduate from college. I proved her wrong and was accepted into all schools I applied for. I went from a 1. something GPA in high school to having a 4.0 my senior year. I couldn’t have done it without her!

When people said I was ugly, I signed up for my first pageant. Although I didn’t even place, I kept going because pageantry gave me a new motivation to build self confidence, promote wellness, give back to my community, and practice being a leader. 5 titles later, I know I never would be where I am today if people never said I was ugly.

These are some examples of how I overcame bullying. All it takes is to set a goal, and work toward it. Once you begin working toward your dreams, you will continue to work regardless of what people say. People still bully me today but I could really care less! I am on to bigger and better things and nothing they say can discourage me.

Whatever you are going through right now, think to yourself: Is this really going to matter to me in 3 years? The answer is NO!! So rather than being upset, work toward something that WILL matter in 3 years.

Everything will be okay!


Love, Lisa

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