Fitness Tips from Amy Virk

We had the pleasure of interviewing Amy Virk for LadyCode. She has competed in a figure competition and is currently training for a cross-fit competition.

Here are some of her fitness tips on how to have a great body, stay in shape, but above all be motivated.





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“My name is Amy Virk and I’m 23 years young! I have always had an active lifestyle, however growing up, it was always difficult for me to find something that I liked or excelled in. I tried many sports, karate, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, ballet, dance, basketball, nothing stuck with me and I just felt out of place. I started lifting weights and going to the gym regularly in high school (9th grade) while playing field hockey and lacrosse. I’ve always struggled with food and the way I would see myself in the mirror. Back in high school, I struggled with bulimia. I would eat as much as I wanted then puke it all out, it was a vicious cycle. Being positive and working out 6 and sometimes even 7 days a week really helped me take my mind off food and more with making progress in the way I felt about myself. Always being the curvier chick in school was tough because in my mind I felt “fat” all the time. Lifting weights and working out just makes me feel better about myself, makes me feel more confident and much more happier. It’s just like brushing my teeth, something that always gets done!

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I’ve competed in my ever first figure competition, April 2012 and it was one of the best experiences ever. I realized how passionate I truly am in the fitness and health industry. I’m currently training for a cross-fit competition which happens to be in December 2013. Cross-fit training is very different from bodybuilding training that I’ve been used to. Bodybuilding training for me happens to be a lot of volume training. Every training day consisted of some kind of supersets, drop sets, static holds, making sure to rest between sets. Hitting all the muscles fibers of that body part is key. Cross-fit is constantly varied, high intense, functional power based movements. It deals with more cardiovascular endurance/stamina, flexibility, speed, balance and agility. My diet( 5-6 meals daily) right now consists mainly of oats, eggs, fish, chicken, coconut oil, nuts, all vegetables, sweet potatoes, and whey protein. I don’t drink and never have smoked, I try to eat as clean as possible and do allow cheat meals as with everything in moderation.

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Staying motivated you always have good days and bad days, it’s normal. However I love training, and love seeing differences in the mirror, striving for progress rather than perfection. I look at fitness pictures, motivational youtube videos as well as quotes to help motivate me. Music is definitely my best friend while training, making sure I have a hot beat to help me stay pumped all throughout my workout.

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My top favorite exercises are squats, dead-lifts, pull-ups, Arnold presses, barbell hip thrust, snatches, and power cleans. My tips I could give women: don’t be scared to lift heavy, you will not get bulky. It’s just a myth. The physiology of women is not made that way and women usually don’t eat enough to get “big” or have the hormones that will make them look like a man when they start lifting heavy. Embrace the curves from lifting heavy weights. Strong is the new sexy after all! Also, nutrition is everything. You can’t have the body you want or trying to achieve by eating junk/sugary foods. You can workout for hours and hours but you cannot work out a poor nutrition. My last tip, be consistent, set realistic goals and then have a plan for how to reach and make those goals become reality. Nothing will happen overnight but with consistency and a positive attitude, anything in life is possible“.

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  1. Hello there!

    This is such a nice post. Thank you very much for sharing this. I like the picture posted here. I believe that you really worked hard to have this kind and healthy body. I salute you. Thank you also for sharing these fitness tips.



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