Is the platform shoe trend passé?

Platform shoes enjoyed popularity in United States and Europe as the trend regained popularity in 2011. This style was preferred by younger women in their teens and twenties for different occasions. Whether going out at night at a club or on an afternoon date the platform heels were the go to. While adding a statement to the outfit, the platform heels also provided height and helped with posture adding definition to your legs.
Platform heels offer a variety of styles: open toed sandals, closed toed, or the strappy heels. They can be worn with different outfits. If going for a more laid back look and wearing a plain top platform shoes will enhance your outfit, keeping it classy and fashionable. Platform heels are the perfect shoes for going out at night! They go well with a little black cocktail dress or a club dress.
Platform shoes are the heels favored at pageants. In this year’s Miss USA competition, as the cameras panned up and down to show the evening gowns, it was the platform heels that made a statement and were eye catching.
In spite of their popularity in many aspects, fashion titles such as Vogue and Elle were advising to retire the platform heel for a sleeker, more down to earth style, the pointy toe pump. If your are looking to take a fashionable step these shoes should be your next purchase list. These ladylike shoes are appropriate for a wide variety of ages offering a classy, sophisticated style. The sleek style of these shoes that was featured and very popular in “Sex and the City”, is making a comeback. These shoes are versatile as they provide different looks! Some have the classic black or cream colors and are plain. There are others that are more fun which have studs, bows, and eccentric colors. These shoes can be worn for work purposes, business meetings, will make a statement while traveling at the airport, when hanging out, or when shopping.
As fast as they are returning into the spotlight and regaining popularity, it seems that these shoes are not as appropriate for night time as the high platform heels! The pointy toed shoes are amazing for a day/afternoon look and more appropriate than platform heels. However, high platform heels will outdo pointy heels at nighttime when going out!
Maybe the platform heels style is not completely passé and instead of being pushed to the back of the closet by the pointy toed shoes, they will be alternated and worn at night.








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