Shenetta Malkia

I am so honored to introduce to you our April Lady of the Month, Shenetta Malkia! Shenetta was recently crowned Ms. Maryland United States 2014. Her platform is bullying, which is why we want to share her story with you this month!
Shenetta Malkia
About Shenetta:
Shenetta Malkia is the current reigning Ms. Maryland United States 2014 & Ms. Baltimore United States 2014. Originally from Jamaica Queens NY. Over the last 13 years she has developed and gained experience in the field of Property Management serving as Sr. Property Manager of affordable housing. Shenetta still actively and passionately pursued her modeling and acting career. As a woman who believes in remaining teachable, Shenetta continues to evolve in multiples areas of her life. She is a beautiful, inspired by life, warm hearted woman of God who desires to impact all those in whom she comes in contact with..
Her modeling career began at age 15 in Hyattsville, MD while studying piano, dance and modeling at Oxendine Music Academy. The camera has always been her friend recording her life frame by frame. Continuing her education by attending Fox Modeling Academy in VA she learned to walk the runway and took home her first Best Runway Trophy. This was the first win with many more to follow.  Shenetta also attended AIU in Atlanta GA studying Fashion Merchandizing and Film Production. Shenetta later attended Bowie State University pursuing a BS in Business Administration.
Shenetta has worked with some great coaches (Bill Duke), producers, casting directors (Kim Harden), and directors which continues to build her acting & modeling career. She has recently won the titles of Ms. Baltimore United States 2014 & Ms. Maryland United States 2014. Shenetta is also signed with both MMG NY and Whilhelmina PA she continues to work actively. A working actress, model and Founder.CEO of Malkhia Relations LLC, Shenetta stays busy doing the things she loves. Working in the community as a tutor with Reading Partners in Baltimore, Maryland, Shenetta enjoys serving and working with the youth of the community.
The years have been filled with multiple competitions, fashion shows,TV and film projects for Shenetta. She recently performed in her first off Broadway Showcase with TAPNYC. Shenetta continues to reach new levels in her acting career. .
All Relationships Are Meaningful is a phase Shenetta stands on.
Malkhia Relations Logo Frame
Age: 34
Education: Studied Business Administration at Bowie State University Bowie, MD
Occupation: Founder. CEO of Malkhia Relations LLC (an Modeling and Entertainment company also specializing in event planning and property management services.
Life Insurance Agent with American Income Life
Color: Blue (peace)
Fragrance: D&G The One
Food: Italian (I love pasta)
Book: The Bible
Movie: Love Jones
Workout: Victoria Secret’s Abs
Shenetta Malkia Lady Code Ms. Maryland
How old were you when you first became a victim of bullying? I was first impacted by bulling my 5th grade year when entering a new school in Maryland. My mom and I moved to MD after leaving NYC and living in VA. An only child who did not have anything the other kids had was rough. My mom made my clothes and after a bad hair appointment I was forced to cut my hair and were a Jeri Curl. If I heard follow the drip one more time!
How did you first respond to bullying? I didn’t respond to the bulling until my 8th or 9th grade year when defending myself after countless acts of teasing, being jumped and thrown in a pool.  I felt enough was enough and I had nothing else to lose. So I stood up for myself and found that it did help to stand up for myself.
How did you overcome bullying? I over came bullying by one learning self defense. I had a neighborhood brother who showed me how to defend myself. After I stood up to the girls in my neighborhood it seemed things came to an end. I then started hanging out outside of my neighborhood and with new friends who were dealing with some of my same issues. I did not have an outlet other than my friends a the time. I did not know who to turn to or who would take me seriously. I wish I had a group or someone to help. I do remember this one group who helped once  The Guardian Angels.
Shenetta Malkia
What would you like to say to your former bullies today? Dear Bullies, I want to say what you did built me and made who I am today and I thank you. It did not feel good at the time and it took me years to heal , walk with my head up and believe I was beautiful from within but I thank you.I can now give hope to those who may be suffering. I can speak from experience and show them that the later yeas are greater.  I forgive & I pray that you have changed and are able to help other not bully as you did. I realize hurting people hurt people. I pray you have healed.
Do you have any advice for those who are currently victims of bullying? If you a victim of bulling I encourage you to seek help. Go to your parents, an adult mentor or group. Remember that no matter what they say you are not they know nothing about. God created you and there is nothing wrong with you. You may be different but you are unique. You will be used for greatness. Don’t lose hope in tomorrow, your future is greater than your today. God gave me beauty for ashes. I was the ugly duckling and look at what God has done. I believe in you and know that you can over come and your not a victim but a victor!
What can our readers do in the community to make a difference? I encourage all within their community to visit school and start support programs, arrange bullying support hotlines so reports can be made. Speak to your children about their day, pay attention to their moods when coming home and when having to go to school. Speak life over them and pray for them daily. Remind them how special they are and encourage them to speak to their friends when they see acts of bulling.  We need all eyes in the communities as it take a village to raise a child.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years from nowLife will be at a level I have been working toward. The foundation with be up and running for 4 years with the national school tour started on speaking about Suicide Prevention, No Bulling. Malkhia Relations LLC will have moved into a larger studio offering more classes and servicing more areas. My career in the insurance would will have set me up for a comfortable life and my acting career will have jumped to a level that believed for.
Shenetta Malkia
Who is your role model and why? Taffi Dollar is my role model because she mirrors a life of excellence, community service and building the kingdom of God. Though she is a business woman, mother, wife, Pastor and so much more she is a people person and someone who really cares for the life of others. She reminds me and gives me hope for successfully managing all I have been given and to still have a family which is a future desire for myself.
Anything else you would like to share with Lady Code and its readers? I am starting my new foundation Empowerment Essence and I need your support. This new foundation is built on her platform focusing on Suicide Prevention, Anti Bullying, & Domestic Violence Prevention. The foundation will focus on rebuilding positive self images for youth, young women and men. It is her goal to bring greater awareness to these areas and prevent the inhumane acts of violence among our community. Providing everyone an opportunity to tell their story and experience and through the arts and live the life joyfully, reaching their greatest potential. You can give at
I will also be heading to nationals to stand with 53 state delegates as we work toward earning the title of Ms. United States 2014. I am so excited and looking for sponsors to who like to help make this dream a reality for me. Thank you in advance for helping me reach my goals and make a difference in the community through Empowerment Essence.
Shenetta Malkia
Keep up with Shenetta!
Twitter: Shenetta Malkia
Insta Gram- Shenetta Malkia

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