Sephora Beauty Insider Sale Spring 2020 Buying Guide: What’s In My Cart?

Hey LadyCode! Finally, some positive news lol: The Sephora Spring 2020 Beauty Insider Sale is finally here. Depending on how much you spend at Sephora every year and your Beauty Insider Status, you get a discount for a certain period of time. One of the only perks of being a VIB Rouge is that you get 20% off everything + early access! This is the time of year when I stock up on my supplies to work for the season as a beauty pageant makeup artist. Find out what’s in my cart by watching my recommendations below:

I only mention products in this video that have a high retail price and are significantly discounted with the sale. I love Fenty beauty and their affordable price point, but today we just want to talk about $80 face serums, $90 skincare products, $88 foundations, and $65 eyeshadow palettes. Oh, and the $399 hair dryer that BROKE on me after 2 years.

I’m talking about the Dyson lol. I found an incredible alternative to the Dyson that I have been obsessed with! It is the HAI Beauty Concepts hair dryer. It is the classic shape but seriously, it is the most amazing hair dryer I have ever used and it is at a fraction of the price of the Dyson. Click here to get it on Amazon:

Let me know what’s in YOUR cart and what you recommend I purchase during this semi-annual Sephora Sale! Don’t forget to finish your look with #LisaLASHES and use code STAYHOME for 20% off your purchase from The LadyCode Shop!

Happy shopping!


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