Travel Diary: Curacao 2019 Blog

Franz and I traveled to Curacao for Valentine’s Day. I’ve been wanting to visit Curacao ever since I did hair and makeup for Miss Universe Curacao, Akisha Albert. She told me about her country while I was doing her glam and I literally put it on my bucket list! Lucky for me, Franz chose Curacao as our destination for our romantic Valentine’s Vacation.

Me with Miss Curacao after doing her makeup and hair for her Vizcaya Swimwear shoot!

We stayed at the Hilton in Curacao. It has its own beaches and infinity pools, but we were a little disappointed because there was no jacuzzi on the property. On our first day, we rented a cabana on the beach. The price was almost too good to be true at $30 for the day, which included 2 bottles of water. The beach was just stunning with crystal clear water and stunning views.

Boujee on the beach

Franz and I took a walk right before sunset and found this super photogenic “stairway to heaven,” where he took these two photos of me. I can’t believe how amazing they turned out!

I love this swimsuit because you can wear it so many ways. You can get it here and use code LADYCODE for a discount. For our Valentine’s date dinner, the Hilton had a romantic setup with outdoor dining, live music, and gorgeous soft lighting.

Franz gifted me with a necklace from Tiffany’s!

On our final full day, we rented a car. The hotel has a rental car company on site so everything was very efficient and fast.

Check out my Curacao Vlog to see where we went!

Swimsuit: SHOP HERE 

Earrings: H&M Barcelona


Swimsuit: Vizcaya Swimwear 

Our final stop was Willemstad to see the UNESCO World Heritage site and the floating bridge. It was actually super cool to see it moving and the boats passing through. It’s also super fun to be on the bridge while it’s moving. They had a ton of cute shops, outdoor dining with amazing views, and cafes along the city. We loved it!

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  1. Hey,

    That Sound good and I like the things which you have shared. Pictures on your website attract me and the way of describing the things.

    What you think, Should I hire a car on rent while traveling?

    Thanks & Regards
    Ritika Singh


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