October 2018 Makeup Giveaway!

Yay! It’s time to announce the rules for part 2 of our October makeup giveaway!

Here is the announcement video:

  • This giveaway is open to all eligible contestants, open international, and has 2 winners with 2 selection methods.
  • Both have options for bonus entries to increase your chances of winning.

This giveaway is for LadyCode subscribers ONLY: *I will verify that all winners are subscribed to the LadyCode YouTube channel before contacting winners*


Mandatory rules for a valid entry (must follow all 3 rules):

1: Follow all of the accounts that @theladycodeshop is following on Instagram

2: Comment on @lisa_opie‘s most recent post with your favorite thing about LadyCode

3: This is a CONTEST for the most active LadyCode subscriber so stay active on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Tips for winning the contest:

  • Support each other: LadyCode is a community! Be active and engage in conversations with other members. Follow each other, like each other’s posts, reply to comments. So many friendships have been created on LadyCode through this method. It’s more than a giveaway, its a community.
  • Be consistent, don’t be fake. I am more likely to choose a real account that has been consistently active than a ghost account with giveaway entry posts
  • Create posts inspired by LadyCode or women empowerment and tag #ladycode and @lisa_opie so I can see them! I love getting tagged and reposting LadyCode inspired beauty and fashion looks. My favorite thing to see is makeup looks using lashes from the LadyCode Shop
  • Be in the EARLY SQUAD! I notice early comments and posts and I do my best to respond to everyone! This is an amazing way to get noticed because early posts usually end up being in the top comments, which means TURN ON notifications to stay on top of it!
  • Use the same username on Instagram and YouTube and Twitter. Remember that this portion of the contest is all about engagement across all platforms. If you hav different account names make sure you remind me every once in a while what your social handles are for all accounts in the comments.

Bonus points: Share this image below on Instagram and tag #ladycodearmy and @Lisa_Opie so I know you want to win!

If the rules above are too much for you, you can still win Prize pack #2!

Click the link for prize pack #2: CLICK HERE TO ENTER FOR PRIZE PACK #2 (Randomly generated winner): https://bit.ly/2O9gR4G



Lisa Opie | LadyCode | LadyCode Shop | Beauty By LadyCode


Lisa Opie | LadyCode 


Lisa Opie | LadyCode | LadyCode Shop | Beauty by LadyCode 



-If I already won a LadyCode Giveaway, am I eligible to win again? You are eligible to win every other giveaway to keep it fair. If you win one giveaway, you will be disqualified for the next giveaway posted, and then you will be eligible again for the one after that.

-Is this international? ALWAYS

** Void where prohibited by law **

Winners must claim their prizes within 24 hours of the prize announcement. If a prize is not claimed, another winner will be selected and contacted via email with further information. ALL WINNERS will be asked to verify that they are subscribed to LadyCode.

*** If you win, LISA WILL CONTACT YOU from an official LadyCode account!

DO NOT spam Lisa asking who won the giveaway on October 29. Please wait for the giveaway announcement VIDEO.


Comment below and let me know which prize pack you want! I’m so excited to share these prizes with you and spoil you!



35 thoughts on “October 2018 Makeup Giveaway!

  1. Both of these prize packs are just incredible! I would really be happy to when either one! I think I’m going to have to say id choose the number one because the KVD shade & light palette😱 OMG, I wanted that thing for as long as I can remember! Lisa you are so kind to always do this for your subscribers, I know a lot of work and your own money goes into these, and I’m so happy for anyone who is lucky enough to receive these gifts!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank you so much for doing another great giveaway!!!! It’s so amazing how much you give back to your fans and I appreciate it so much!!! 💕💕💕


  3. Amazing Giveaway as Always!! I absolutely LOVE how your giveaways are products that you love!! Thank you for the chance to win such awesome items!! Your encouragement to empower not only ourselves but each other across all your Social Media is EPIC!! Showing each other kindness & empowering each other can change the world!! God Bless & Love You Bunches!!!


  4. I think it’s so amazing amazing how you do these giveaways! This is such an amazing opportunity especially for those who may not be able to afford these amazing products but would love to work with more makeup selection !! Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity, it means so much 💖👭💕


  5. The things on this giveaway are amazing! It’s really kind of you to do giveaways for your subscribers! I’m in love with all of these products ❤️❤️❤️


  6. I’m living for The Most Active subscriber prize pack…OMG!! Sooo many amazing products in one special package hand picked by U as always!!! Loove….both r pretty amazing! I love and appreciate U so much! Everything U stand for and represent as a woman has inspired me so much on this journey that I’ve been following U on! The past 3yrs I have grown n learned so much from U n not only in makeup, but as an empowering woman, a boss and remaining humble in remembering where U came from. I’ve seen U go through so many ups and downs n the trials NEVER kept U down! U got back up n straightened your crown EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!! THAT is inspiring💖👑 I can’t possibly write every way U have touched and impacted my own life n helped me through some dark n rough patches, but I am so thankful and happy U have remained the same and always been here on YT and social media! I look forward to these next yrs of all life has in store for U! Lysm


  7. I love Lisa Opie so much!!! This give away is so amazing and the products are so gorgeous.. so happy that you tubers help out there subscribers like this xx


  8. Thank you for the option for super busy parents who don’t have time to be on social media like option #1. It is so very awesome that you appreciate ALL of your supporters! =)


  9. cant be the most active subscriber as there is a lot of competition and also i am not that active looking forward for the second box and thanks for doing a second box.


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