Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero GLOW KIT UNBOXING!

My Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit just arrived in the mail today so I rushed to my studio to film an unboxing and first impressions for you! This palette was one that I was SUPER excited to try, because each color looked PERFECT and the pigmentation and formula looked amazing. After trying it out, the formula is to DIE for and the pigmentation is gold. I did have a little problem with the product though… Watch the video below to see what happened when I opened my ABH x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit package from Sephora:

I’m still speechless and praying that Sephora will understand and replace this palette! I hope no one else got their ABH Nicole Guerriero GLOW KIT broken like this!! It’s so sad because it is SUCH a pretty palette and the formula is amazing from what I tried….RIP.

46 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero GLOW KIT UNBOXING!

  1. I’m crying for you. This is so sad. I really hope Sephora replaces it, you will have to let us know what happens!


  2. I feel so bad for you with this breaking! They’ll refund or send you a new one! It’s gonna be ok! I’m gonna hold off on ordering it… I have sun dipped and 2 of my broke but in the pans while closed so I was able to fix them!


  3. I saw a lot of other youtubers who had the same problem😓 but hopefully you get a replacement with no problem♡


  4. Ive been hearing such good reviews abt this and I REALLY REALLY WANT this.. i really wanna win this becuz it would be the best bday gift for me ever ❤ ❤ so excited lisa


  5. My birthday is like in 4 days. I am really praying to get this as a present. OMG. would absolutely make my birthday to win this fROM U lisa ❤


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