Bronze Glam Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

I decided to ditch my usual heavy makeup to try out a natural look for this Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial, inspired by Makeup by Mario and Kylie Jenner. I decided to use the Master Palette by Mario and the Bronze Palette from Kylie Cosmetics on my eyes for this look since it was inspired by them! Since this is a full face, I shared my updated skin/contour/highlight routine as well!

Watch the Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial here:

Let me know what you think about the natural look!  I may try a few more natural makeup tutorials soon!

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52 thoughts on “Bronze Glam Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

  1. Absolutely beautiful 💕 I’m going to try to do this look this Valentine’s’s also my wedding anniversary so it’s plus💕.


  2. I watched your valentines day makeup tutorial on elf’s snapchat and LOVED it!! After watching you on there I decided to go to your youtube channel and check out your videos and I love them! Such a fun personality and one of my fav makeup gurus 🙂


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