The Valentine’s Series: Glambook || A Collaboration with Summer Priester

Today’s fashion post is another collaboration, since my Valentine’s Day collaboration with Olivia Sohnly was such a hit! I just released my Valentine’s Day Lookbook 2017 on my YouTube channel. This is the first lookbook video I am posting, and it focuses on formal outfits for upscale events! My casual lookbook series will be coming soon ❀

I posted an interview with Summer Priester a while back when she was Miss United States 2015, and it has been amazing to see her grow since then! She started her own blog, 365 Days of Summer, which I follow religiously. Her style is super glam and inspiring, so I reached out to her to see if she would collaborate with me for a Valentine’s Day look!

For this collaboration, Summer came up with a casual look that slayed my entire existence:


Okay, so now you see why you need to follow her blog ASAP! CLICK HERE to visit Summer’s blog!

Here is the link to Summer’s full look posted above:Β

Since Summer served us with the most outstanding casual look ever, I decided to share a formal glam look: A peachy pink silky dress that is glamorous but sexy!



DRESS: Fashion Nova



For makeup for this look, try this red halo cut crease look from my Valentine’s Day Series! I used the Modern Renaissance palette for this look, and don’t forget I am currently giving away a Modern Renaissance palette along with a ton of other luxury beauty products I used in the video!

Watch the video below for rules on how to enter to win my Valentine’s Day giveaway:



33 thoughts on “The Valentine’s Series: Glambook || A Collaboration with Summer Priester

  1. I’m so late but I’m so glad I’ve joined the lady code family it’s been a month since I’ve joined and I just know I’m going to love it ❀ btw ooh girl looking fabulous as always 😍❀


  2. Wow! Absolutely stunning! Talk about women in power, girl you’re slaying 24/7! Such an inspiration to women who don’t believe in themselves. Love, love, love!! πŸ’ž


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