Travel Blog: Madrid, Spain 2016

Happy 2017 Dolls!

2016 has been a CRAZY year and I’ve clearly been behind on my posts. I’m playing catch-up now that I’m home from Peru, and here is my first travel blog of the year! This is from my trip to Madrid last fall.

Live the experience with me in my Madrid Travel Vlog:

My favorite sightseeing spot in Madrid was Plaza Mayor, a cute plaza where we had some tapas and coffee.

I also loved Mercado de San Miguel, a market that had EVERYTHING. WE went to Cafe Del Art in the market, a Portugeuse-inspired coffee shop that also served sangria made with port wine!

For an afternoon snack we went to Chocolateria San Gines, a place that serves churros with melted chocolate, as you may have seen in the vlog above.


For dinner, we went to El Sur. I found this place on Yelp! and it was ranked as one of the best places to have tapas in Madrid. Omg, they were right because the Sangria and Tapas were incredible!


Our time in Madrid was short since we were just passing through on our way back home to New York from Ibiza, but it was perfect!





39 thoughts on “Travel Blog: Madrid, Spain 2016

  1. omg you make me want to travel the world. I have only been to France and theres so many other places I want to go. It’s a dream of mine to just travel. And the food of course!! I love trying new things!


  2. I love this place! i was there when i was Little and i am dreaming about going at least once again. PS you look stunning!


  3. Never been there or even out of country but would love to go someday! I have planned that in my future I would love to travel around the world to many of the places on my bucket list, and trust me I have a lot of places lol!!


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