DIY Holiday Glitter Lip Tutorial 2016

Hi dolls!
I’ve been obsessed with glitter lips ever since I saw them for the first time one night on the town in Miami! Lately, they’ve made a huge comeback since Pat McGrath debuted her Lust 004 lip kits at New York Fashion Week this fall. Since they look so amazing and the look is SO easy to create, I decided to create a holiday look with 3 different color options for you all to try!

Here are the 3 looks I created:

pink-glitter-lips-2016 nude-glitter-lips-crystal-lips-2016 red-glitter-lips-holiday-2016

Watch the full tutorial here:

If you try this look make sure you tag @LadyCode_ in your selfies so we can repost your look!





28 thoughts on “DIY Holiday Glitter Lip Tutorial 2016

  1. Such a beautiful look especially with the holidays right around the corner… well, basically here! Thanks for sharing. I love your tutorial and can’t wait to give it a try!
    ❀ Alana


  2. Watched this video tutorial on YouTube but it’s so beautiful seeing the looks side by side in such good quality photos! πŸ’– I am definitely giving these a go, especially the red glitter lip for a Christmas party! πŸ’‹
    All my love from Cape Town, South Africa πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦


  3. This loook is so amazing! My sister’s birthday is Dec 26 and i had to share with her!!!!!! We both looove glitter! Keep shining baby girl!


  4. OMG..
    i love the dark colour….i tried them and…OMG..i even made my lips look big and your lip tut…and every one in the party was like….did u get lip treatment and where did u get that lip look….well i wanted you to be my makeup secret weapon but i wanted u to a have the i told them about u and they r your biggest fan since then……i just dont know what to say there r a 1million things…to SAY….but the best is that i love you!

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