Orange is the New Black: Fall 2016’s First Look

My most recent trip took me to New York Fashion Week, Iceland, London, Ibiza and Madrid, all with ONE suitcase. I had overweight luggage the entire time so I couldn’t shop because I didn’t have space for any of it, but at my last destination, Madrid, I decided to shop a liiitle bit.

I got my hands on an awesome olive green shirt and an orange faux fur and leather backpack from Zara in Madrid. It’s transitioning to fall here in New York so the combo was perfect for a cool day out on the first day of fall 2016!





Sunglasses: VIZCAYA SWIMWEAR (use code LADYCODE for 15% off!)



I’m not a necklace or bracelet person, but I count on chokers, body chains, earrings, and rings to accessorize and express my personality. I wear two horoscope signs on my index fingers: Taurus, my sun sign on the right, and Pisces, my moon sign on the left. I got both rings from Artists and Fleas inside Chelsea Market in NYC.



Shoes: H&M Herald Square


This gray wig has become my signature look but I’ve been playing around with pink ones too. I’m loving a pink ombre bob and a white and pink curly one that I got from Lisandro Barcelo. I’ll be changing up my looks and sharing them all on the blog, so if you aren’t subscribed to LadyCode yet, please do!


Love you dolls!




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