Iceland Review: The Blue Lagoon + Flying Icelandair

A-Listers such as Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Justin Bieber rave about Iceland, its beautiful culture, and of course the famous Blue Lagoon geothermal hot springs. When I found out that I had the opportunity to attend the Miss Universe Iceland pageant as their official swimwear sponsor via Vizcaya Swimwear, I jumped on the opportunity!

I took a direct flight on Icelandair from JFK (New York City) to KEF (Reykjavik). Although Icelandair is considered a low cost carrier, it was very pleasant. Each seat had personal screens where we could track our flight, play games, watch movies and TV shows, and a USB port attached to charge any mobile devices. The seats were very comfortable, but my flight did hit several bumpy patches of turbulence. Overall, I enjoyed the flight to Reykjavik and would definitely recommend Icelandair to travel to Iceland.


On my first day, we went to the Blue Lagoon. It is a 45 minute drive out of Reykjavik. I definitely recommend renting a car while in Iceland because there is so much to see and do! There is plenty of street parking in Reykjavik and there was plenty of parking directly in front of the entry for the Blue Lagoon as well. Once at the Blue Lagoon there is a path that leads you to the main building where you can check in. A towel and a locker is included with your entry, and you can also pay extra to rent a robe and slippers. Leave your jewelry at home because if you wear jewelry in the lagoon, it will turn black from the deposits in the water! A staff member also instructed us to put conditioner in our hair and then put it up in a bun to prevent your hair from coming into contact with the water. Again, the deposits in the water will dry your hair out.

Inside the lagoon there is plenty of space to float around! All of the water is warm but some parts of the lagoon are hotter than others. There is a swim up bar in the water that serves anything from smoothies, to beer, to yogurt! I had a strawberry skyr smoothie and it was just amazing!

There is another swim up bar in the lagoon: This one offers two face masks. One mask is the mud from the lagoon that will shrink your pores and clear your skin, and the other mask is an algae mask that will revitalize an hydrate your skin. It is recommended to wear both masks for about 10-15 minutes each.


There is also a waterfall with fresh water flowing into the lagoon, two natural steam baths, and a sauna. One steam bath is inside of a cave and it is a phenomenal experience! They also have an indoor area where you can bathe in the lagoon.

Inside the main building there is a cafรฉ, a gift shop, and a restaurant. It is recommended to make a reservation if you plan to dine in the restaurant. The food was amazing and I recommend trying everything while you are there. Iโ€™m not a big fan of bread but their bread was really, really good.

Showers in the locker rooms have shampoo and conditioner provided. The locker rooms also have vanities and hair dryers.


The entire experience kept us for about 3-4 hours, and afterwards I felt more relaxed than I feel after a day at the spa! We all slept like babies on the car ride back to Reykjavik!

Watch my full Iceland Vlog here to live the experience with me:



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  2. I want to go here so bad! I’ve been going through all of your travel blogs because I love seeing how much fun you are having traveling the world with Franz. I hope I can do this someday because it’s my ultimate dream!


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