Meet Rosemary Berg: Miss Alaska United States 2016

Empowering women and building confidence in women is what Lady Code is all about, so I was excited to find out that Miss Alaska United States 2016, Rosemary Berg’s platform is all about empowering women! Her platform, Dare to Be Darling, encourages, inspires, and empowers women to discover their beauty, identity and purpose so they can overcome the things that make them feel flawed and unworthy of being called “Darling”. Read on to learn more about your Miss Alaska United States 2016! 

rosemary berg miss alaska

Quick facts…

Hometown: Tikigaq, Alaska (A traditional Inupiaq Eskimo Village)

Current City: Anchorage, Alaska

Three words that sum you up: Loving, Passionate, Joyful

Song you have on repeat right now: Alone by Hollyn (Feat. TRU)

Dream job: 

My dream job is to own a business doing life, personal, and professional development for young women to discover their beauty, identity & purpose; while being a MOM!

Beauty product you can’t live without: 

I cannot live without a good exfoliator.  I HAVE to have soft skin and there are amazing exfoliators for your face, your lips, your body, your feet, your hands…

Favorite quote: 

You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you -Song of Songs 4:7 I love it because 1. It tells me I’m beautiful. 2. It tells me my identity (darling), and 3. It tells me there’s nothing wrong with me #Flawless. I need that too!

miss alaska rose berg


What projects do you have going on at the moment? I was recently accepted into Regent University. So I am going to school for a MA in Organizational Leadership. I’m a community economic development intern at a local oil & gas corporation. And I am actively promoting my platform via facebook and of course working it as Miss Alaska.

What are you looking forward to the most during your reign? I am honestly most excited to see young ladies discover their beauty, identity & purpose in life. It’s so exciting and beautiful when you can be a part of someone having that “ah-ha” moment. That and TRAVELING.

What has been the highlight of being Miss Alaska so far? The highlight of my Miss Alaska reign has been the overflowing amount of support from people across the entire state of Alaska that I have volunteered, worked or gone to school with in my life.

rosemary berg
Rosemary speaking at a women’s summit in Hawai’i

What are some of your best beauty secrets to looking flawless all the time? I think outside of AGUA, my biggest beauty secret is having CONFIDENCE in my personal beauty & identity as a woman. When you are confident in your own type of beauty & your identity, you invest in yourself & you begin to inspire those around you to do the same.

Growing up, who was your inspiration? My parents were my inspiration. When I was 6, they adopted me and went out of their way to inspire me to discover my personal, cultural, and godly identity & purpose. Their passion for loving & giving me a family [despite what I had been throuh] inspired me  to do the same for the people around me.

What are some challenges that you faced on your journey to success, and how did you overcome them? I have faced and overcome PTSD, depression & anxiety from trauma caused by sexual assault & domestic violence. It was seriously so hard – physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Honestly, I surrounded myself with people that would encouraged and prayed for me me in each of those areas. I set out on a journey to discover an immovable and unshakable foundation/definition of my beauty, identity, and purpose. Once I discovered that, I’ve been literally unstoppable. In 2012, I started to share the message of hope to overcome as the Miss World Eskimo Indian Olympics across Alaska; then traveled to Hawaii, Brazil & New Zealand. You can’t stop a woman that knows WHO she is, WHERE she’s going & HOW she’s going to pour LIFE into other women.

Lady Code has a focus on anti-bullying and women empowerment. Do you have any advice for our readers who may be victims of bullying? YES! My advice is to remember that hurt people hurt people. You are flawless and you have a purpose. So believe in yourself, because if you’re convinced, NOTHING can stop you from overcoming.

Rosemary in Belem, Brazil working with her ministry to help women in prostitution
Rosemary in Belem, Brazil working with her ministry to help women in prostitution 

Tell us about your platform: My platform “Dare to Be Darling” encourages, inspires and empowers women to discover their beauty, identity and purpose so they can overcome the things that make them feel flawed and unworthy of being called “Darling”. For Darling, I have hosted workshops, dinners, spa nights for ladies in Alaska, Hawaii & Auckland, New Zealand. And I have a Facebook page that focuses specifically on inspiring women in beauty, purpose & identity.

What can Lady Code readers do in their communities to get involved? Well, there are so many places regardless of where you live that can use your help on so many levels: hanging up flyers, putting together packages, cleaning, workshops, etc. Gather a couple friends and decide once or twice a month you’ll volunteer in your community. You won’t regret it!

Can you tell us about your 5 year plan? Sure! My 5 year plan includes obtaining an MA in Organizational Leadership, starting  my own business, getting more involved in pageants, getting married ❤ and of course loving life.

What is the best advice you have ever received? Always go the route of LOVE – in the end, you’ll regret being rude, impatient, unforgiving, etc. but you won’t regret loving someone who is completely undeserving of it.  – my mom.

Keep up with Rosemary: 

Twitter: @realrosejanae

Instagram: @rosejanae // @missAKUnitedStates

Facebook Fan Page:

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