Travel Blog: Miss Florida United States 2016 Weekend

Let’s face it: Mondays stink. They especially stink when I travel for a weekend and come back. I spent the weekend in NYC but the weekend before that, I did a huge Florida tour for Miss Florida United 2016! Vizcaya Swimwear was the swimwear sponsor of the pageant, and I was also there covering for PageantLIVE and Crowned Magazine.

Since I knew some of the reigning titleholders, the weekend was super fun and you can catch all of the action in my latest YouTube video, my Miss Florida travel vlog!

Hotel breakdown:


Hyatt Pier 66, Fort Lauderdale: 

This hotel was very nice and offered amazing first impressions. It does not have beach access and some of the rooms are a little bit dated, as well as the pool furniture. The service was excellent and the property was gorgeous.


The Shores Resort and Spa, Daytona Beach: 

I loved this hotel. Everything about it was luxurious and the service was excellent. The beach was choppy in Daytona compared to Miami. I loved that this resort had a bonfire and a huge jacuzzi! Our room was gorgeous, but the bathroom did not have a bathtub. Room service was pricy but worth it-the food was delicious. Just remember that they tack on an 18% gratuity on all checks so unless you want to tip extra, it’s already included.

the diplomat resort and spa review

The Diplomat Resort and Spa, Hollywood/Miami Beach:

The Diplomat is all about lavish first impressions. The rooms are gorgeous and everything s chic, modern, and brand new. The rooms were spacious and ours had a jacuzzi! However, they charge for almost everything. I asked for a fork for my Chipotle and they charged me $3 for a delivery charge to the room. They also charge for beach chairs on the beach. The service in general was not that great but I enjoyed the resort!




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