Home is Not Where the Heart is

When I say I’m a gypsy I mean it. I haven’t been “home”–since its not where my heart is…I guess “home” right now is where they send most of my mail– in over 6 weeks. I never stay in one place and I’m always ready to move on to the next place. I’ve been gypsying in New York City for about a month now and I’m in love. Love in a way that I would leave everything behind and sacrifice everything I have to be here. New York has that effect on people. It steals your heart, shows you the most amazing times, inspires you every day, and eventually, if you’re here long enough, makes you realize there is nothing that can make you find happiness outside of this city.

Over the past three weeks in New York City I’ve become inspired. Inspired to create, inspired to love, inspired, to try new things, meet new people, and inspired to be more than what I thought I could be. Like being in love, I want to stay, even though I know its time to leave. I just wonder what would happen if I moved here or stayed here in the city longer. Who would I become? Who will I meet? Where will I be years from now? I’ll never know the answer to those questions….for now.

image1 (1)

Unfortunately my time as a gypsy in NYC is coming to an end. After the weekend I’ll be heading back to Rochester for the week, then I’m off to Colorado for 4 days. I’m pretty excited to get back into somewhat of a groove after my VERY long “holidays.”

Seriously, I have been living out of the same suitcase for OVER SIX weeks. This suitcase is not a big one and boy, am I excited to be reunited with my shoe collection–even if its only for 4 days.

Hey, Colorado, I’m coming for ya.


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