New York: Not The City

Hey Lady Code! Some of you readers are asking about where I moved to! I’m in New York, but not the city. Yes, there’s  a whole world outside of New York City that is still considered New York.

I’m actually closer to Toronto than NYC, but I usually spend my weekends in either city to add excitement to my life 🙂 This weekend, I’ll be in NYC and I have a ton of fun content for Lady Code I’ll be producing with my bestie @emilynteh


Upstate New York reminds so much of Richmond, VA, where I went to school! It’s super cozy, family friendly, people friendly, and so refreshing. I love crispy walks in the park, snuggly evenings in our loft with my boyfriend, and attending local fashion, music, and art events in our city!

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This break from Miami is everything I needed to get away from to craziness and really focus on my business and my purpose. I’m embracing every minute of this easy life because in about 3 1/2 months, I’ll be going right back to South Florida!

I’m curious to know which you prefer:

So my update right now is that there’s a whole lot of productive work being done and a whole lotta nothing interesting for you guys, but I’m going to do my best to come up with good content for you on the blog!!




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