It’s a new beginning…

ladycode - hot chocolate warm winter day

As we all have set by now our resolutions for this upcoming year, we sit and ponder on our accomplishments from the previous year as well as what’s to come. I am sure we are all just as anxious to reach our goals and dreams for this year.

As I sit on the cozy armchair with a warm cup of hot chocolate in my hand, I gaze out the window and look at the beautiful snow. (I traveled back to Washington D.C. to visit family – it snowed so it was good to see a change of scenery).  I fell deeper and deeper into my thoughts, mixed as well with worries for the upcoming year. I glanced back outside and looked at the dreamy winter wonderland…with that my worries faded and a soft smile appeared on my face.

A while ago, someone who is very dear to my heart gave me the best advice: “Focus on the present, the current moment, and everything else will work out. Don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking too far out into the future”…

Those words to me have a profound meaning. Just like I am sure everyone else has felt overwhelmed at times when it comes to the uncertainty of the future, I have felt that feeling too – although not very pleasant.

Good thing this time, before worry had too much time to settle in, I had caught myself and remembered to stay present in the moment and worry about today. The most important lesson for me was learning to be present in the moment and live in the now. Focus on today, today’s worries, plans, etc., leave tomorrow’s troubles for the right time instead of being overwhelmed by things that are not happening now.

With that, I hope that everyone has a prosperous year ahead, where each and every one of your wishes will come true. Remember to live in the present moment, enjoying every part of it!  ❤




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