Outfit of the day: Black Romper

Rompers are very in this spring and summer. They are chic, easy to wear, and very fashionable. The material used for rompers is one of the best things about them as it is very light and perfect for the hot days spent in the sun. There are multiple designs for rompers, some have thicker straps, others thinner, or some have no straps at all. If you are a fan of loose clothes a romper might be suitable for you. You can choose from a multitude of designs: from different patterns, to flowers, to stripes, or simply just one color. Again, it all depends on the look that you want to achieve. You can wear a romper with soft colors and designs for a softer look, or a dark bold color romper with no patterns for an edgier style, which you can accessorize.

It is very important to remember that accessories are everything. You want to make sure that you have the right type of jewelry assorted. You never want to add heavy bold jewelry with a soft design. This will completely ruin the outfit and make it look tacky.


The romper I have is just one solid color: black and it does not have straps, just flows loose around the body. Don’t get fooled by the plain color and design. I saw this as an opportunity to add the accessories I like, to spice up the look. I paired it up with a black and gold belt around the waist so that the outfit looks more put together. As the belt had gold accents on it, I added gold jewelry.

The necklace is a very heavy, thick chain with a tiger head, which makes a big statement, as it helps the outfit be more noticeable. I also added a gold bracelet (one that is more edgy and bold), yet something a little smaller as I already had the necklace.

For the purse I wanted to choose something a little different. As I was in all black from head to toe I decided a pop of color (something neutral) would not hurt. I decided to wear a grey purse with gold accents on it.

Last but not least, for the shoes, I found these little open-toed booties in my closet which go perfectly well with the whole outfit as they have gold accents on them as well.



Here is where to find the clothes and accessories for this look:

Black Romper: EXPRESS

Belt:  BEBE



Necklace: AGACI

Bracelet: CARTIER

Sunglasses: H&M



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