What’s in my purse?

Dear Lady Code,

I decided to share what is in my purse this week so that you can make a list of everything you need for a day around town in New York City!


1. Business cards – You never know who you’ll run into in this big city so always have business cards handy!

2. Compact powder – Working in New York City is more than just a 9 to 5 job. You will often find that you have dinner parties, cocktail receptions, galas and openings to attend. Therefore, it is key to have a compact powder with you if you need to freshen up.

3. Gum – For those days that you decided to eat tuna for lunch before an important meeting (Bad decisions!).

4. Card holder – You will need something to store your metro card since you will probably be navigating the subway to get around. I carry this Ralph Lauren card holder everywhere to make sure I don’t misplace my metro card.

5. Notebook and pen – As an aspiring journalist, I never leave the house without a notebook. Same goes with a pen. There are so many people in New York with amazing stories to share and beautiful architecture everywhere you turn. I jot notes in my notebook and refer to my To Do List throughout the day.

6. Lotion – Lotion is a must have during the winter. I have sensitive skin so I make sure I moisturize throughout the day. In this picture: Victoria by Victoria Secret.

7. Lipstick – I feel naked without lipstick. I recommend Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet for long lasting lip color. It is also one of Chanel’s classic matte shades!

8. Perfume – I carry a mini spray-on with me as I am out for long hours. In this picture: Dior Addict.

9. Wallet – This Prada wallet is hands down my favorite wallet of all time. It is black and chic and I have a matching purse.

10. Sunnies – I never leave the house without a pair of sunnies to protect my eyes! I prefer a larger frame to hide my face from the sun. In this picture: Giorgio Armani.

I hope that this inspires you to think about what you carry around in your purse! If you find yourself taking a trip to New York, pack ahead to make sure you are prepared for an endless day of fun and excitement!

Until next week,

Emilyn xx

Twitter: @EmilynTeh

Instagram: @EmilynTeh


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