Pastel Pink, Nude & Stripes

Many new fashion tendencies and colors were introduced for spring 2014, from midi skirts, to loose printed pants, as well as transparent textures for skirts and dresses. As mentioned before and you probably know by now radiant orchid is the color of the year. Spring is also a time when you get to finally wear more fun stuff, as the weather is warmer, hence we see the bright bold colors on shirts, skirts, and dresses.

Personally there are times when I like to wear something a little more soft with lighter colors, yet still have an edgy look to the outfit. Spring is also a time of purity and rebirth, therefore soft colors such as nude, pastel pink, and white are very appropriate and in-style this season before the hot summer days get here.

Aside from the colorful, printed, so called “elephant pants”, light colored pants are very in this season. White, nude, or pastel pink, these pants will give you a very delicate, feminine look and are also perfect to wear as the weather is not too hot.

But… what if you want to go for a more daring, edgy style?

Here is the beauty about wearing these pants: they can be combined with either a light soft blouse for a more simple, delicate look, or if you want to go the other way you can do something completely different and daring!


As you can see, I chose to go for an edgier, more fun look! I decided to pair up the pants with a striped crop top with gold studs on it. Along with that I added a pair of nude opened toed high heels (as the pants have a lot of coverage, to balance it out I decided to do the open-toed shoes). To match my shoes I decided to wear a nude purse that has gold accents on it. As the crop top has gold accents on it, just like the purse, I added gold jewelry to go along with the outfit. Since I wanted an edgier, different look, I threw on my glasses to give a different vibe to the outfit.



This outfit is perfect for spring as well as very easy and affordable to put together. I had a lot of fun and felt very daring wearing this 🙂

Here is where to find the clothes and accessories:

Pastel Pink Pants – BEBE

Crop Top – H&M

Shoes – ALDO

Bag – ALDO

Bracelets – H&M

Ring – FENDI

Glasses – EXPRESS





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