Hair Secrets Revealed

There are times when you feel like your hair routine is becoming redundant and boring. You want to try new things but at the same time you hold back because you don’t want to cause damage to your hair.

We are here to help! Expert hair stylist and colorist Maha Qura shares with us some tips on what to do when your hair routine becomes mundane.

Feel like your shampoo isn’t doing the trick anymore?

Then it’s time to switch products to bring your hair back to life again! Try a different shampoo and conditioner every 4 to 6 weeks.

 Are you washing your hair every day?

This could rob your hair of moisture and the nutrients it needs. Skip the shampoo a few times a week and just wet your hair and condition. Don’t forget to rinse!!

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Want to be tangle free in no time? 

After washing make sure you are detangling your hair with a wide tooth comb. Starting from the bottom up to prevent hair breakage.  Try Cricket Ultra Smooth, infused with Olive Oil.

When buying hair products, always beware of ingredients that may dry or cause excess frizz. Stay away from alcohol and water based products.

Want a better blowout?

Dry your hair halfway first before applying product to dripping wet hair. The water will dilute the product and you won’t get that bouncy blowout you want!!

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 Tired of frizz and fly aways while blowdrying?

Blow dry hair from the Top down, directing the dryer to the ends. Enjoy frizz free hair!

Do you want to save money on hair coloring?

Ask your stylist just for a few subtle highlights or choose a color that is only a shade lighter than your natural in a different tone. Try a new look your budget can afford!!

 Don’t have a shower cap handy on a lazy hair day?

Use your t-shirt! Place the neck of your shirt at your hairline then roll it all in a twist and bring it the front and tuck under to secure. Hit the shower and be wet and moisture free!!

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We hope that these tips have inspired you and are useful towards maintaining your hair beautiful and healthy.  If you would like to contact Maha, you can find her on facebook ( or if you are in the Fairfax area you can schedule an appointment with her at Dante Salon and Wellness Spa (

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