Meet Crystal Gail: Lady Code’s Newest Contributor

We are super excited today here at Lady Code, because the extremely brilliant and accomplished Crystal Gail has decided to join us! Crystal will be a weekend contributor and will be posting every Sunday.

Crystal Gail



A representative for one of the top pharmaceutical companies, Crystal Gail is no stranger to the world of success.  Earlier this year, Crystal succeeded all expectations by winning the title of Ms. Florida United States. Not only did Crystal place First Runner Up at the Ms. United States Pageant, but she sky-rocketed the title she held to celebrity status. Working with numerous charities, Crystal truly believes in inspiring and mentoring others, and is excited to be a contributor to Lady Code, as she loves what it stands for and knows what it is to overcome adversity. As her current reign is coming to an end, there is no doubt that Crystal’s future isn’t bright and truly believes that as long as she continues to inspire others, she is succeeding.

Keep up with Crystal on Twitter and Instagram: @MissCrystalGail


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