GAC – a powerful fruit with many health benefits

What is the GAC fruit?

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Momordica Cochinchinensis also known as GAC is a Southeast Asian fruit mainly found throughout the region from Southern China to Northeastern Australia. It is found in abundance in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It is commonly known by the shorter name as GAC, from the Vietnamese  gấc.  The fruit was discovered in Vietnam, as it was accidentally stumbled upon. It was used to treat children naturally instead of using artificial pills. The results amazed many, drawing in the attention of many health experts throughout the world.

This fruit contains numerous vitamins and minerals, some are still studied in specialty laboratories, as the fruit was recently discovered. Some of its amazing effects on health are still in the process of being figured out and explained.

The benefits of the GAC fruit 

The GAC fruit contains a high concentration of Vitamin C (40 times greater than that found in oranges), contains a 70 times higher lycopene concentration than tomatoes, 10 times more beta carotene than carrots, and 40 times more zeaxanthin than corn.

Lutein and zeaxanthin are both unique molecules that maintain and help your eyesight. They are also beneficial towards maintaining healthy and youthful skin. According to recent studies, these molecules have proven to prevent skin cancer as well as other types of cancer. Zeaxanthin and beta carotene combined have proven to be a natural way to combat the negative effects of the UV rays for those who spend time tanning in the sun.

The GAC fruit also contains fibers, healthy carbohydrates, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

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 GAC fruit combats cancer 

According to recent studies, the GAC fruit contains nutrients that have proven to prevent cancer and to even slow down the multiplication of cancerous cells. It was also recently found that this fruit contains a specific protein that inhibits the proliferation of cancerous cells. Due to this the GAC has earned the name “Heaven’s fruit”, as it has multiple ways of fighting cancer.

 GAC fruit fights anemia 

Due to the abundance of iron found in this fruit, as well as Vitamin C and folic acid, anemia is combated. It is recommended that one finds the cause of anemia and depending on the condition to start consuming this fruit.

GAC fruit helps lower cholesterol levels 

This fruit is recommended to those that have high cholesterol levels as well as to those who have a history of high cholesterol in their family. If consumed weekly, this fruit reduces the “unwanted” high cholesterol levels from your body.

GAC fruit prevents cardiovascular diseases

As this fruit is high in antioxidants, it prevents cardiovascular diseases. If this fruit is consumed and accompanied with an active lifestyle, your heart’s health is assured. Cardiovascular diseases represent a high problem for many, therefore this fruit plays a vital role in maintaining your health.

GAC improves eyesight 

This fruit is mainly known for the benefits to eyesight it provides. The vitamins, beta carotene, and other substances this fruit contains, better one’s eyesight as well as prevent cataracts and other eyesight problems.

GAC combats depression 

Rich in selenium, minerals, and vitamins, which are important to the nervous system, as well as combat depression.

GAC maintains youth and prevents aging 

Aside from the health benefits this fruit provides, it also prevents aging and maintains one’s youthful appearance. It slows down the aging process as it stimulates cellular activity and reduces stress. The vitamins and minerals this fruit contains, help maintain the skin’s youthful appearance. It stimulates rebuilding of the collagen subcutaneous structures, as well as prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

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The discovery of this fruit amazed many due to its wonderful properties. Have you ever tried this fruit? If not, all the above reasons indicate you to do so! 

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