Coco Chanel inspired fashion tips

Coco Chanel, reinvented fashion and inspired women to find their signature style. She was more than a designer, she educated women to be classy and express their style.  Having an individual style sets one another apart. Regardless of age and fashion tendencies, one’s style is unique.

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Style can be created or inspired, it also has to do with how you carry yourself.   While being fashionable and trendy, it is important to remember to stay classy. Here are some timeless tips inspired by Coco Chanel that all women should know:

“Elegance does not consist of always wearing a new dress”

When having different events to attend, the custom is to purchase a new dress for each. If you know how to accessorize a dress or an outfit, you do not need to own a different one for each event. It all depends on your inspiration and creativity to play up that dress.

“Fashion fades while style remains the same” 

Regardless of what is currently fashionable, it is important to find your individual style, whatever looks natural on and advantages you. If pointy-toed shoes are in style but they disadvantage you, then you will not look fashionable wearing them. Stick to what characterizes you best.


“Luxury clothing must be comfortable otherwise it is not luxury clothing”

Wearing uncomfortable heels that are too high, or dresses that are too tight will reflect the discomfort experienceing regardless of how fancy they are. This will be noticeable to others and you will no longer look elegant and classy.

“A woman should be two things: elegant and classy”

Being classy stands out in a positive way as well as is never out of fashion. Add your own sparkle to differentiate yourself from others and stand out.

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“Fashion is made to go out of style”

Fashion is constantly changing. Keep your wardrobe versatile and don’t invest in too many things that are the same. Keep your style interesting and not monotone.

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”

People will remember you for your clothes, however your personality and style is what will set you apart. Remember to be classy and stylish, as looks will make the first impression, your style will remain imprinted in their memory.

coco chanel

“Perfume is the most important accessory. It sets you apart”

Having a signature scent is very classy as well as defines who you are. It sets you apart from others and is a part and reflection of your individual style.

-Remember to be classy and confident. This will put you in good light in any circumstances, while making you radiate at any any event you are attending.




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