Shop Ximena: A girl’s new best friend

About two weeks ago I signed up for a membership with Club Ximena, a new jewelry boutique. All items are less than $25! The best deal is to sign up of “Club Ximena” because they send you a box with at least 3 pieces of their latest jewelry every month for $20 a month.

Ximena is a brand new accessory boutique so today was the first day everyone received their first gift boxes.
After the gift boxes are sent out, people who missed out on the deal can still purchase the items but at a higher cost.

I was so excited so get my jewelry today, it’s like getting a present every month. We all deserve it 🙂

Here’s what was in my box:


@shopximena also posted this earlier on Instagram:


They provide trendy jewelry and accessories at the most affordable prices. I am so glad I signed up 🙂

Click below to sign up!

Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 7.48.40 PM

Enjoy your new accessories!



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