Style Hair With Volume Tutorial

Flat hair is dull and out of style.  FULL hair is back: curled or waved! The key to beautiful, sexy hair is natural looking texture and volume.

The secret ingredient  that will give you a natural looking style and hold your curls is the finishing texture spray by PRIVE, which is enriched with betula alba leaf, ginko biloba, and echinacee. The Herbal Blend #89 delivers sexy texture with weightless volume leaving all hair types looking thicker and full of movement.

When styling your hair make sure that it is fully dried. Once dried spray from roots to ends, focusing on the roots, the SEBASTIAN volume building spray. This volupt spray contains revolutionary cushioning-particles that create hair- raising root volume, leaving a defined hold that stays soft to the touch.

Part hair into small sections working your way from the nape up towards the crown. When hair is parted work on each section by taking a 1″ strand and curling it. The size of the curling iron used is based on your preference depending if you want small or big curls. Curl outwards from the face and remember to switch opposite sides so that you do not have one side curling inward and the other outwards.

When finished curling part hair into sections again just like before to begin teasing. Prior to teasing spray the PRIVE spray onto each section you are working on and begin teasing. Tease the roots upward but be careful not to make your style look messy.  If at the end more volume is desired, tease the top part of your hair one more time. Spray PRIVE all over the hair to hold the curls in place.

To finish the style off spray the shine spray by WELLA. This illuminates your style with an exquisite shimmer revealing the natural luster of your finished style. For professional results spray at arms length and allow the mist to settle gently. Let the shimmer enhance your style!

Watch the tutorial on youtube to see how to get the look! 




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