Vienna Sicard

Its finally August! I would like to introduce to you our August Lady of the Month Vienna Sicard. Vienna is a genuine, intelligent, and fun young lady who has had past experiences with bullying. Let’s get to know her story as well as how she overcame it:


Vienna Sicard

Age: 17

Education: High School

Occupation: Receptionist at a hair salon

Favorite Color: Aqua and blood red

Favorite Fragrance: Sandalwood, frankincense, and cinnamon

Favorite Food: Sweets 

Favorite Book: The Secret because it inspired me to open my mind and be more accepting of the things in life  

Favorite Movie: The Bram Stoker’s Dracula film is one that is on my repeat watch list

When did you first become a victim of bullying and how was your experience?

When I first started getting bullied was when I entered middle school. It was scary to be a middle schooler at that point. That is an age where most people tend to make fun of those who don’t have much money, are weaker,too skinny or fat ,etc. The way I tried responding to bullying was by just going home, telling my mom and/or just staying quiet and getting depressed. The fact that one is also “fresh meat” in sixth grade and is innocent makes one a candidate for bullying. Overcoming bullying isn’t easy, let me tell you, because you want to defend yourself and try to control emotions so you don’t seem weak, but sometimes you can’t hold it back.

An important thing I know is that just because someone isn’t pretty or isn’t fit or has pretty hair doesn’t mean you have to bully them. People don’t choose to look a certain way (unless you go through surgery) but otherwise you have no choice. Just because you don’t fit the mold shouldn’t be a reason why you should let people bully you. Overcoming bullying isn’t easy, yes people that care will try giving you advice, but it isn’t all that easy as it seems. Sure, people tell you to ignore those people and that they aren’t worth it, but it isn’t easy ignoring that “chit-chat” behind you or those little giggles they make while staring at you. I remember not wanting to go to school because I was afraid of feeling brought down, and I wasn’t all that pretty but there is no reason to make fun of someone for the way they look. Overcoming it was very hard however, the good thing is that I had people that cared such as my mom and she’d always try giving me advice. A few times I had to report things to the office because I felt bad and I would come home depressed.

Until one day I decided it was the last straw, two girls had started spreading rumours that weren’t true and I went to the school counselor and explained the whole situation, the counselor spoke to the girls and they were told to stop or if not,the situation would need to be taken further. The people stopped and from there on is when I started bringing myself back up to a healthy self-esteem.


For those who are currently bullied, I recommend that if it happens too often just go to the office and explain the whole situation or speak with someone. It is important to seek help, because if you can’t solve it then you’ll have to take it further. Remember to always try to contain yourself, no violence because that will never solve anything. 


And for you dear readers, I highly recommend, don’t judge people, you don’t know their backgrounds nor their story.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years from now I see myself…….modeling and acting.
Who is your role model?
My role model I must say is… Elizabeth Taylor and Rosalind Russell. I love how they act and their power, dedication and exotic beauties.
I recommend  Lady Code’s readers to always dress their best because you never know  what situation you might run into, and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS stay positive and try to make every situation a good moment. Look for the good in things.
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