Camilla Fogestedt | From Miss Sweden Earth 2017 to The Bachelor Sweden!

Camilla Fogestedt is no typical model. She is most notable for being Miss Earth Sweden 2017 and was a candidate in The Bachelor Sweden 2018! Miss Earth is one of the “Big 4” Pageants, and an honor to be on that international stage. Many of our U.S. readers are familiar with The Bachelor, as it is one of the highest rated TV series to date. Since then, she has grown a large public following and is continuing to pursue her dreams in as a model, influencer, and television star.

E: What do people know you most for?

C: I would say people know me most from TV, especially from last season of “The Bachelor Sweden 2018” and of course because of my title as Miss Earth Sweden 2017/2018. Beside that I’ve been on other TV shows and media, blog, and social medias.

E: What might people not know about you?
C: What people might don’t know about me is that I’m very spiritual and truly believe in that kind of way to live and the life after this. I’m very into karma and the law of attraction.

E: How was your experience on The Bachelor Sweden?

C: To be in The Bachelor was very interesting and different compared to the other TV shows I’ve done. It was a weird situation and feeling to date the same guy as 20 other girls. It was a new experience. Now when I can look back at it, I’m glad I didn’t have much feelings for the guy and didn’t fall in love. That would have been so much harder to see him date other girls if I had strong feelings for him.

E: Were there any obstacles you had to overcome in your path to success?

C: Of course, there is always a lot of obstacles you need to overcome to reach success. And I also believe you will always work on your fears and obstacles to move on in your life.

I would say one of my biggest obstacles was my bad English when I graduated high school. I was really bad in English and I knew that would be a obstacle for me to reach my goals to travel the world and work abroad.

So when I graduated high school I told my self that my bad English will not stop me to see the world. If school could not teach me better English, I’ll learn my myself on the road when I’m traveling. And that’s exactly what happened. I’m forever thankful that I pushed myself out in the world even though so scared I couldn’t talk to people.

E: What is one thing you need to share with all the young ladies reading this article?

C: Work with yourself not against yourself. See yourself as your best friend through your life and be kind to yourself. Sometimes it will feel like your brain is someone and you’re body someone else, like the devil and angel on each shoulder. But work on that and make that devil disappear, let the angel win. It’s hard to keep working on your whole life, but it’s worth it. A calm soul will not come by itself, it’s a lifetime job.


E: How do you deal with people that try to put you down?

C: I trying to think about 3 quotes

  1. “If someone is trying to bring you down, it only means they are already below you”
  2. “Strong people don’t put others down, they lift them up”
  3. “Real queens fix each other’s crowns”

E: What do you love most about being a woman?

C: I’m very girly and I love everything about beauty, make up, styling, fashion etc. And as a women that comes very easy for me to use and have a passion for. If I was a guy I know it would be harder to have a passion for that, it comes more easily for a girl. It’s sad though, I love guys that show their passion for all that!

I think it’s so powerful that we can carry a baby for 9 months. I hope to be able to carry a baby in my belly one day and give birth to my child. The body is unbelievable and women are incredible!

E: How did you get where you are today?

C: I’ve always tried to do what I think I fun. And sometimes that can sound a bit immature, but I truly believe in that way to live. You have one life in this body! To make the best of it, you should have fun and be truly happy. You can’t be truly happy if you are only doing things that you don’t think is fun. So if you start to have that mindset I think you’ll get the most out of your life and reach the highest success. You need passion to reach success.

E: What is a typical week for you?

C: It’s very hard to describe a typical week in my life. I am traveling often and work in different countries. Last year I had less than 3 months in Sweden and the rest of the time I was traveling. But I’m doing my best to keep my workout routines and to eat healthy food.


E: Did you think you would be doing what you do now when you were a kid?

C: To be honest I don’t really remember what I was dreaming about when I was a kid. I played handball and I know I said I wanted to be a professional handball player, but to be honest I don’t know if it was a real dream or just something I said because everyone else in the team said it! When I turned 15, I quit playing handball I started to dream about a modeling career.

E: How have you been able to empower women through your platform?

C: That’s one of the reasons why I love to have a platform and social media, to empower women and younger girls. People talk bad about social media and how it can affect young girls out there with pictures of “the perfect body” and “perfect life” etc. But I think we need to stop focusing on the bad part of social media and instead talk about how easy it is to reach so many people through those platforms. Everyone needs to see Instagram as a fairytale with filters and photo editing, as you do when you watch a Hollywood movie with a happy ending. Instagram is a platform for inspiration and not reality.

I want to build a platform so I can bring up women’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

E: What do you plan to do in the future?
C: Last year 2018 I was in the Swedish version of “The Bachelor”. It was my second TV-show I took part in and I would love to continue work with TV. My future goal is to work more with TV and film, and of course continue with my modeling.


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