Celine Bag Buying Experience + Review

Hi LadyCode!

I’ve always have my eyes on a black nano luggage tote from Celine. I thought the bag was so adorable and chic, and to celebrate my first big makeup gig, I decided to get one.

I’m pretty disappointed with the entire buying experience and the Celina bag itself, so here is the full story:

Comment below with your dream designer bag 🙂

79 thoughts on “Celine Bag Buying Experience + Review

  1. Hmm. I watched your video and I am really confused on a few things. I leave and definitely don’t buy if I have poor service, so I am surprised you didn’t visit a department store instead (many have Celine boutiques).

    1. Why didn’t you try out the bag while you were in the store. It seems like it was a poor fit for your needs, but you just really wanted to get it.
    2. Celine’s purpose is to be minimal so it feels like it is not the brand for you. If you still want a designer bag, I think you’ll be happier with Valentino, Fendi or Dior. Each brand also has nice leathers but a lot more details and edginess that you are attracted to.

    I think you should return or sell the Celine and get something you like more and will use. You’ll be a lot happier. You definitely shouldn’t spend $3k on a bag you hate – especially if it is a gift to yourself.


  2. I don’t know what’s the problem with this securities that go for people looks, especially the workers from the stores. Personally I think there’s better bags out there, that are worth all that humiliation and price! But its a good thing you got to prove them wrong and get your dream bag 🙂


    1. security people start acting like they are cops as soon as they get a uniform. The “power” goes to their head i suppose.


  3. The way you were treated at the store really irks me and makes me angry cause its not okay behaviour. But, its all too common to be treated that way especially at high end places. Somehow you just have to look like a million bucks. And its not just them. I got a snarky comment from the woman who did my eyebrows yesterday cause I wasn’t wearing any make up. I know its because of that because the next woman who was fully decked up got special treatment even though I was paying more for my services. It just doesn’t make sense to me why you need to look so lavish everywhere you go. My money is good whether I look like a Kardashian or a homeless person and they really need to start looking past these things.

    Anyway, I know its been awhile since you got the bag so i hope you are liking it better now or if not, you’ve been able to replace it. Hope you don’t have anymore sour experiences in the future!


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