Meet Ashlee Nelson: Miss Nevada United States 2016

Women compete in the Miss United States pageant to show that they are more than just a pretty face, they are women who are working hard to make a positive difference in their communities. Miss Nevada United States, Ashlee Nelson is the perfect example of a queen using her crown to make a difference.

Meet Ashlee: Ashlee Nelson is so proud to be Miss Nevada United States 2016. She is grateful for the opportunity to represent the Silver State, make a difference in her community, and serve as a positive role model. Ashlee is determined and dedicated to making a difference in this world and in the lives of those around her; the title of Miss Nevada United States will help her do just that.

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Quick facts…

Hometown: Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

Current City:  Henderson, Nevada

Three words that sum you up: Enthusiastic, kind, and fun-loving

Song you have on repeat right now: “Levels” by Avicii

Dream job: I would love to star as Marry Poppins on Broadway!

Beauty product you can’t live without: Eye liner!

Favorite quote: “All glory to God.” {1 Corinthians 10:31}


picture of ashlee nelson miss nevada


What projects do you have going on at the moment? May is definitely a busy month for me! I will be making all sorts of appearances and participating in many community service events. I will also be attending the Miss California and Texas United States pageants to support all the contestants!


What are you looking forward to the most during your reign? There is so much to look forward to this upcoming year! I desire to make an impact in my community, so I am looking forward to the numerous appearances and community service events that I have lined up. Nevada is home to an array of amazing non-profit organizations and charitable causes, so I have an abundance of opportunities to serve. I am also excited to spend my reign with my fabulous sister queens and the incredible staff of the Miss Nevada United States Pageant. Lastly, I am thrilled about this year’s national pageant, especially since it will be held in Las Vegas! I cannot wait to meet the other state titleholders and compete for Miss United States.


What has been the highlight of being Miss Nevada so far? Since being crowned, these past two weeks have been a whirlwind; my life has flipped upside down, but in the best way possible! It is hard for me to choose the highlight of my reign so far because this entire experience has been absolutely wonderful. I enjoy it all!

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What are some of your best beauty secrets to looking flawless all the time? Spray tanning is the best way to instantly get a sunkissed glow without the harmful effects of tanning beds and UV sun exposure. I love them! Also, I try to use a coffee facial scrub every other night before I go to bed. The scrub serves as an exfoliator, improves circulation, reduces eye puffiness, and smoothes skin.


Growing up, who was your inspiration? Besides my mom, I really admired Walt Disney growing up! I am a HUGE Disney fanatic, so I was (and still am) completely captivated by his profound influence. He has inspired me to never give up and have the courage to keep moving forward, despite difficult times and opposition from those who doubt me. It is because of Walt that I dare to dream big, embrace my imagination, and believe in the magic.


What are some challenges that you faced on your journey to success, and how did you overcome them? My journey to success has been a continuous road of personal growth and improvement. I strive to be positive and view every challenge as an opportunity to grow. I recognize the importance of staying true to myself, remaining in my faith, and never forgetting where I come from.

miss nevada united states 2016

Lady Code has a focus on anti-bullying and women empowerment. Do you have any advice for our readers who may be victims of bullying? For the past two years, I have had the privilege to conduct a number of classroom, library, and community presentations on behalf of B.R.A.V.E., a national anti-bullying campaign, which denotes Building Respect and Values for Everyone. An important point that I make during these presentations is that although people can be mean and treat you poorly, it is important to always take the high road and not engage in their negative behavior. The unfavorable things that others say and do to you will reveal a lot about their character, not yours. As hard as it may be, always strive to do the right thing and be the bigger person; you will ultimately be rewarded!


Tell us about your platform. The title of Miss Nevada United States allows me the opportunity to promote my continued advocacy of self-esteem among young women. When people believe they are valuable and important, they take good care of themselves; they recognize that unconditional self-love is the core to a peaceful mind. With that said, I want to encourage those who are struggling with low self-esteem to embrace their individuality, never settle for less, make good decisions, and find ways to enhance their value rather than break it down. I hope to help young women across the state realize their full potential, create a positive life vision for themselves, and access the resources they need to achieve their goals.


What can Lady Code readers do in their communities to get involved? I think it is so important for each of us to be an active citizen. Every little bit does help, so do not be afraid to ask around and figure out where you can be most helpful in your local community. Active citizenship can be as small as a campaign to clean up your neighborhood or as big as being a board member for a charitable cause. I believe that community involvement is crucial to be successful in life. It helps you improve lives, connect with others, and strengthen communities. Most importantly, you gain the intangible benefits of accomplishment, satisfaction, and pride. It warms your heart to know that you are giving back!

ashlee nelson

Can you tell us about your five year plan? In five years, I will have graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Marketing. I hope to be pursuing a career in public relations while working on my Master’s degree. Additionally, I aspire to travel more, model in New York Fashion Week, and continue to serve as an active member of my community.


What is the best advice you have ever received? From a young age, my parents, along with my faith, instilled in me the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I hold true to this principle and keep it at the forefront of my moral compass.


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Facebook Fan Page: Miss Nevada United States 2016

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  1. She is absolutely beautiful, she s sounds so down to earth ! To be crowned miss Nevada is a big accomplishment for her I wish her well ! & good luck on graduating in 5 yrs ! Keep up the good work ☺☺👍❤


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