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I finally got my hands on Kylie’s lip gloss, in the color I really wanted, which is “So Cute.” I wasn’t expecting much and I really thought that Kylie Cosmetics was all hype and didn’t really expect a quality product. Charlotte from Lady Code was actually the first to swatch my new gloss and her reaction said it all! She was like, “oh my gosh! This is amazing!” I was super busy at the time but I decided to try it on that day. Oh. My gosh. It’s amazing. I really didn’t want to like it because something about hyped up products turns me off, but Kylie’s glosses are definitely worth the hype! My go-to gloss before Kylie’s glosses were the Anastasia Beverly Hills glosses, specifically in the color “Butterscotch.” It is almost an exact dupe of the Kylie Cosmetics lip gloss. The only catch? Anastasia’s gloss is $1 more [$16 vs Kylie’s $15], and the quality and consistency of the product is not as great as Kylie’s.

Watch the video below for a live demo:

You can see that Kylie’s gloss has an even application with full coverage, while Anastasia’s comes close but still applies a little splotchy. Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 12.03.53 PM

Here is my beauty breakdown:

Consistency: Kylie’s gloss is not as thick as Anastasia’s, so Kylie’s is not as sticky. Kylie’s gloss as a smooth finish, while Anastasia has a splotchier finish.

Cost: Kylie’s is only $15 while Anastasia’s is $16. You can enter our current giveaway for a chance to get your Kylie gloss for free! CLICK HERE FOR GIVEAWAY

Color Payoff: Kylie wins again. Kylie’s gloss is thin yet pigmented! You don’t really need a liner with her gloss and her gloss provides full coverage with little product. Anastasia can give you the same look but you will need more product to give it an even finish.

Applicator: Both applicators are very efficient. Anastasia has a flat, fuzzy applicator while Kylie has a brush. Luckily I bought Kylie’s gloss on the second restock with her new applicator and it works amazing!

If you have any questions or feedback, leave it in the comments section below!

Here is our current Kylie Lip Gloss Giveaway:

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