In a dream…

Do you ever dream? 

Lately I haven’t but I used to… back when things were different and I had more time.  I love spending time with myself during rainy afternoons at home, where I can just look out the window at the rain drops and gaze far away. When I am lost deep in my thoughts I usually think about the future. My dreams take me far away and I start imagining what things will be like when my dreams will actually materialize.

Sometimes those thoughts take me back to the past. That is when memories rise up and I think of my childhood. My favorite thing about it is the simplicity. Back then when things were simple and life was easier. During those days it was the simple things in life that used to put a smile on my face.  Now I still try to cherish the simple things in life and they still bring joy to it, like a beautiful day filled with sunshine, a field of sunflowers, a simple friendly gesture.  Humans love to complicate their life with unnecessary things, however I believe that the more simple we are, the more complete we become.

The purple dress that I am wearing takes me back in time to my childhood. In this deep purple color I feel like everything is magical almost as if this was a story. The material is elegant and goddess like.  Walking around in it I felt as if I was in a dream… one that took me back to my childhood memories but also to the future.









I always wonder how things will turn out… but everything will fall into place just how it is meant to.

Do you ever dream? What are your dreams?

Outfit details:

Dress: Rik-Rak Salon

Shoes: Rik-Rak Salon

Hair and Makeup: Renee and Emilce – Rik-Rak Salon

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