Are you a victim of bullying at work?


Bullying is harmful and words hurt at any age, regardless of the circumstances. With time, one can expect that people mature and that such actions cease. We would hope that with coming of age, our time would be filled with other more significant activities, however it is upsetting to say that bullying occurs more and more even in the work place among “mature” people.

Here is a recent story of workplace bullying  that we would like to share with you:

Due to misunderstandings regarding an employee’s schedule a client left their appointment very upset. The employee immediately blamed the co-worker in charge of scheduling  for the client being upset. In an attempt to redress the situation, the employee started talking badly about the co-worker to the client. However, the words used were hurtful and unjust.

That was just the beginning… with time the fight between the two co-workers continued. The employee that was very upset and was blaming the co-worker continued to play mean, nasty games. Dirty looks were constantly exchanged among the two of them and the stand-offish attitude was noticed from their body language. The co-worker in charge of scheduling was professional towards the situation, as he wanted minimal involvement and did not want for the situation to escalate. In spite of the passive responses, the other co-worker was very aggressive, speaking badly to other co-workers about the situation as well as twisting the truth and changing important facts about the story. Even mean, insults words would be whispered towards the other co-worker.

As the hostile attitude continued and the situation was aggravating, words reached the general manager’s ears. As he spoke with both co-workers two versions of the story were presented. The bully co-worker completely twisted and changed the story, denying everything of course to be put in good light in the manager’s eyes.

Fortunately there were other witnesses that were able to attest that the bully was lying and due to this the manager was able to see who was truthful as well as sanction the proper person.

Unfortunately workplace bullying has been increasing and happening with frequency. Not only it is hurtful to the victim as it lowers their self esteem but it can also cause problems that can be severe. Sometimes there are the unfortunate cases when people have to end up quitting job or in some situations where the bully wins, some victims end up blamed and being fired. Everyone should feel comfortable at work, and it should be a place of comfort not a dreaded place. It is important to be considerate to others as well to remember that communication is key. If there are any problems discussing them face to face brings a quicker more efficient solution rather than having fights and bullying other co-workers.




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