We are excited about our new partnership with Kaci Taylor!

Along with the daily tips on fashion, beauty, health, fitness, and healthy dieting, our campaign is anti-bullying. Both Lisa and I have past experiences with bullying (one being a victim of it and the other a former bully). We want to put an end to bullying, and we hope that through the tips and advice we provide, women will overcome their daily obstacles and become ambitious and successful. We want to motivate the victims of bullying to stand up and to continue to progress and become successful instead of letting the words and actions of the bullies affect them.

We have decided to partner with Kaci Taylor (www.kacitaylor.com) which is a brand for Kind Awesome Caring Individuals inspiring greatness. Kaci Taylor promotes anti-bullying awareness, encouraging positive energy, girl power, and kindness.

The Story of Kaci Taylor

It was a morning routine for Laina and daughter Kaci to watch the news while getting ready for school and for work. One particuar morning, the news covered a story about a teenage girl who committed suicide after being bullied. Naturally, at 7 years old, Kaci wanted to know what bullying and suicide meant. Laina had to have a heart-to-heart with her daughter about the reality of “bullying” and its ugly existence. Upon hearing her mother’s explanation of bullying and suicide, Kaci declared 

Mommy, I’m no bully!

At that moment, Laina was more determined than ever to keep Kaci on the right track. Gazing upon the gentle face of her innocent daughter, Laina recognized the opportunity to achieve that goal by creating the brand Kaci Taylor. The creation of the brand’s first shirta was born out of the mouth of a babe. 

Kaci Taylor was created in February 2012. Kaci describes kind, awesome, caring, individuals inspiring greatness. Laina’s mission a parent’s mission, is to keep every KACI motivated to live happy to be who she is and to be the best that she can be. If she can touch it, feel it, and wear it, then she can be it! Kaci is every toddler, tween, teen, and young adult who makes a difference in the world. Wear Kaci Taylor to promote the Best you can Be! 

Together we hope to unite forces to fight and defeat bullying.




Photos by: Berry West Wicked Photography


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