Our exciting day at Orbital Motion Pictures

LadyCode is ready to take things to the next level! We had a very exciting day yesterday at Orbital Motion Pictures where we met with our new video producer.  We met to discuss future options for LadyCode.

While we don’t want to spoil our secret by sharing too much, we still like to keep our followers updated on what we are doing! At the studio we tested the lighting, the equipment and made a quick demo reel.

You can watch our behind the scenes video on our YouTube channel!



Freddy of Orbital Motion Pictures was amazing at guiding us and it was a pleasure working with him. He was very excited for the upcoming projects that LadyCode has!  All of his input was very valuable and well intended.



We cannot wait to share with you all the amazing stuff LadyCode is working on! We hope that this will inspire and motivate you towards continuing to excel and help attain your goals!





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